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AFLW Fantasy Draft Simulation

With no AFL Women’s fantasy games available in 2017, we decided to put together our own league to break new ground. With six teams, 20 players per team and knowledge of women’s footy ranging from vague to reasonable, we attempted this 120 player fantasy draft.

Stay tuned over the next few months for updates on how our teams are performing.


  1. @WarnieDT, 2. @DamoPeck, 3. @NicNegrepontis, 4. @AntWingardFP, 5. @Josh_Elliott29 6. @MaddyFriend27




1 1. Daisy Pearce (MELB) MID
1 2. Katie Brennan (WB) FWD
1 3. Ellie Blackburn (WB) MID
1 4. Kara Donnellan (FRE) MID
1 5. Chelsea Randall (ADL) FWD
1 6. Steph Chiocci (COL) DEF/MID
2 7. Aasta O’Connor (WB) DEF/RUC
2 8. Emma King (COL) RUC
2 9. Darcy Vescio (CAR) FWD
2 10. Brianna Davey (CAR) DEF/MID
2 11. Lauren Pearce (MEL) RUC
2 12. Melissa Hickey (MEL) DEF

3 13. Emma Zielke (BRI) FWD/MID
3 14. Moana Hope (COL) FWD
3 15. Emma Kearney (WB) MID
3 16. Jaimee Lambert (WB) MID
3 17. Emma Swanson (GWS) MID
3 18. Alicia Eva (COL) FWD/MID
4 19. Lauren Arnell (CAR) FWD
4 20. Meg Hutchins (COL) DEF
4 21. Erin Phillips (ADL) FWD/DEF
4 22. Tiarna Ernst (WB) RUC
4 23. Akec Makur-Chuot (FRE) DEF/RUC
4 24. Sabrina Frederick-Traub (BRI) FWD
5 25. Amanda Farrugia (GWS) DEF/MID
5 26. Elise O’Dea (MEL) FWD/MID
5 27. Tayla Harris (BRI) FWD
5 28. Sharni Webb (BRI) FWD
5 29. Nicola Stevens (COL) DEF
5 30. Brittany Bonnici (COL) FWD/MID
6 31. Lily Mithen (MEL) MID
6 32. Nicola Barr (GWS) MID
6 33. Kaitlyn Ashmore (BRI) MID
6 34. Ebony Marinoff (ADL) MID
6 35. Karen Paxman (MEL) MID
6 36. Lauren Duryea (MEL) DEF/MID
7 37. Kiara Bowers (FRE) MID
7 38. Abbey Holmes (ADL) FWD
7 39. Ashley Sharp (FRE) FWD/MID
7 40. Tarni Golisano (FRE) DEF/MID
7 41. Bianca Jakobsson (CAR) FWD/MID
7 42. Cecilia McIntosh (COL) DEF
8 43. Jasmine Garner (COL) FWD
8 44. Kirby Bentley (FRE) MID
8 45. Hannah Scott (WB) MID
8 46. Hayley Miller (FRE) DEF/MID
8 47. Emily Bates (BRI) MID
8 48. Sarah D’Arcy (COL) FWD
9 49. Gabriella Pound (CAR) FWD
9 50. Katherine Gillespie-Jones (CAR) DEF/FWD
9 51. Samantha Virgo (BRI) FWD
9 52. Aimee Schmidt (GWS) FWD/MID
9 53. Kelly Gibson (ADL) FWD
9 54. Sarah Hosking (CAR) MID
10 55. Penny Cula-Reid (COL) DEF
10 56. Deanna Berry (MEL) DEF
10 57. Kimberly Ebb (WB) DEF/MID
10 58. Maddy Collier (GWS) MID
10 59. Ebony Antonio (FRE) DEF
10 60. Laura Bailey (WB) DEF
11 61. Dana Hooker (FRE) MID
11 62. Angela Foley (ADL) MID
11 63. Gemma Houghton (FRE) DEF
11 64. Helen Roden (COL) DEF/FWD
11 65. Brianna Green (FRE) MID
11 66. Bree White (COL) MID
12 67. Caitlyn Edwards (COL) DEF/MID
12 68. Jess Dal Pos (GWS) MID
12 69. Demi Okley (FRE) FWD/MID
12 70. Madeline Keryk (CAR) MID
12 71. Tiah Haynes (FRE) DEF/MID
12 72. Sally Riley (ADE) DEF/FWD
13 73. Megan Hunt (BRI) MID
13 74. Emma Humphries (MEL) MID
13 75. Heather Anderson (ADL) DEF
13 76. Ashleigh Guest (GWS) MID
13 77. Cat Phillips (MEL) FWD/MID
13 78. Jess Weutschner (BRI) FWD
14 79. Mai Nguyen (GWS) MID
14 80. Alex Williams (GWS) DEF
14 81. Rhiannon Metcalfe (ADL) RUC
14 82. Richelle Cranston (MEL) FWD
14 83. Elyse Gamble (MEL) RUC
14 84. Courtney Cramey (ADL) MID
15 85. Sophie Casey (COL) MID/FWD
15 86. Jessica Cameron (COL) FWD
15 87. Katherine Smith (MEL) DEF/MID
15 88. Emma Grant (COL) FWD/MID
15 89. Deni Varnhagen (ADL) MID
15 90. Leah Kaslar (BRI) DEF
16 91. Lara Filocamo (FRE) MID
16 92. Rebecca Beeson (GWS) FWD
16 93. Louise Stephenson (GWS) RUC/FWD
16 94. Alison Downie (CAR) RUC
16 95. Alyssa Mifsud (MEL) FWD/MID
16 96. Mel Caulfield (FRE) FWD/MID
17 97. Tayla Bresland (FRE) DEF
17 98. Georgia Bevan (ADL) MID
17 99. Belinda Smith (FRE) DEF
17 100. Gabby O’Sullivan (FRE) MID
17 101. Erin McKinnon (GWS) RUC
17 102. Kira Phillips (FRE) FWD
18 103. Breann Moody (CAR) RUC
18 104. Kate Stanton (GWS) FWD
18 105. Tayla Thorn (ADL) DEF/FWD
18 106. Ainslie Kemp (MEL) FWD
18 107. Shae Audley (CAR) MID
18 108. Kelly Clinch (FRE) DEF/RUC
19 109. Sophie Armistead (ADL) DEF/MID
19 110. Alexandra Anderson (BRI) MID
19 111. Nicole Hildebrand (BRI) DEF
19 112. Jade Ransfield (BRI) FWD
19 113. Kirsten McLeod (WB) FWD
19 114. Shelley Scott (MEL) DEF/FWD
20 115. Brooke Lochland (WB) MID
20 116. Hayley Wildes (WB) DEF
20 117. Jacinda Barclay (GWS) DEF/FWD
20 118. Lauren Brazzle (CAR) MID
20 119. Racheal Killian (ADL) FWD
20 120. Jess Kennedy (CAR) MID



Taking part in the AFLW draft was an interesting experience with limited data on hand, but very fun nonetheless. Armoured with a bit of a list of the better players from each club, ranked on ability – coupled with the timely lift out from the big Melbourne paper – I think I didn’t disgrace myself too much in finding players who are likely to be playing all seven games and hopefully scoring well.

Pick one had to be Daisy Pearce. From there I jumped around positions to fill my squad but had a clanger with Kiara Bowers who is missing the season following knee surgery. I was able to drop her to the waivers for one of Tasmania’s best exports in Brid Gibson. I had a bit of help putting my team together thanks to my sister, who captains Launceston in the Tasmanian Women’s League and Daria Bannister, who will probably get drafted next year! Here’s to a fun season. I now need to work out what I call the absolute Fantasy ball-magnets in the competition… Fantasy Pigs doesn’t seem appropriate!



This was an interesting experiment because we’re all essentially flying blind. We may know some of the players or have an idea of how they’re rated, but with a brand new competition, we really have no idea who will be the stars of the competition – especially from a fantasy standpoint. I was in a lucky position where I had a reasonable idea of most of the Victorian players and that held me in good stead up to about pick 80 … then I think we were all mostly flying blind.

My strategy simply revolved around getting midfielders who I think will score well and surrounding that with a few marquees in other positions where less is known about players. Overall, I’m very happy with my drafting. Tayla Harris at pick 27 was an absolute steal, even if she’s in doubt for the first round. I’m very happy with my midfield which should be strong all the way through. Getting Carlton vice-captain Madeline Keryk at pick 70 might prove a great sleeper pick too.



The limited available knowledge of the league and with little prior statistics to go off, drafting an AFL Women’s fantasy team was definitely difficult. I opted to take a ball winning midfielder in Kara Donnellan – who has been hailed at the Women’s Chris Judd before nabbing one of the top forwards in Carlton’s Darcy Vescio. After watching the Lions and Giants in their practice game, I nabbed Kaitlyn Ashmore – who could be the pick of the draft, Sharni Webb and Aimee Schmidt who all impressed during that game. In hindsight, I would have taken a ruckman earlier than I did, although most did fall in the first couple of rounds. Overall, it’s a solid team – without actually knowing what to expect, however I’m hoping I can add another savvy defender to the mix throughout the season.


We’re all going in just a little blind in this league – obviously we’ve been able to watch many of these girls play, but seeing how it will equate to fantasy is still very much a mystery – the bulk of my strategy was to focus on picking up those players taken highly in the AFLW draft, or as marquee or priority selections, and trust that the professional recruiters are doing their jobs well.

I wound up with more than a few GWS players in the mix – living in Sydney, I’m looking forward to being able to see a few of my fantasy players in action.

It’s hard to single out a best pick of my draft until we see the teams in action, but I was very happy to get the most highly rated ruckman in the mix, Emma King from Collingwood, with my second-round selection.



Overall, we’re always as happy as we can be after a draft. Everyone picked a winner, but I was extremely happy to see Mo Hope still there at pick 14, and hidden gem, Ebony Antonio at 59. Aside from Nic’s team stealing every god damn player under the sun one pick before me, I am satisfied with the outcome from a game where we have little research and statistics to base our pickings from.


Taking Collingwood captain Steph Chiocci with my first pick was a tough call, but her status as a defender and her ball winning ability during the VWFL made her a strong fantasy option. I was also really happy with Sarah Hosking at pick 54 as she might end up being the breakout player of this tournament.

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