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As has been the case for the previous four years, Brisbane Skipper Dayne Beams’ 2017 season was hampered by injury. Beams missed rounds 7 and 8 due to a quad issue, then was absolutely hammered by Giant’s big man Shane Mumford in Round 14, which forced him to leave the field with his arm in a sling and sidelined him the following week.

Despite being in obvious pain and unable to lift his arm above shoulder height, Beams returned to the field in Round 16, and did not miss another game for the remainder of the season.

Forced to change the way he played due to the restrictions placed on his shoulder, Beams was fairly quiet in his first two games back as he adjusted his game style. However, in the final six games of the season he averaged a very impressive 120.5 fantasy and 118.3 SuperCoach points.

Over 19 games Beams averaged 104.6 fantasy points and 101.4 SuperCoach points in 2017, although ignoring the game against GWS in which he left the field very early, those averages rise to 110.1 and 106.3 respectively. Which, under the circumstances, is a phenomenal effort.

Five seasons of consistent injury issues may have led to many forgetting just how good a player Dayne Beams actually is.

In 2012, he won Collingwood’s B&F and earned All Australian honours averaging just over 30 disposals per game, and a massive 116.3 fantasy and 122.9 SuperCoach points. He also came second in the Magpie’s goal kicking award with 28 majors.

And despite his injury woes in the five seasons since, Beams has only averaged under 100 in both formats in only one of those years – 2016 in which he managed only two games – and even then, in one of those he cracked the ton.

In those five injury-interrupted seasons Beams has managed just 63 out of a possible 110 games, yet in 29 of those appearances (46%), he has scored above 120 fantasy points. In the same period, a virtually injury free Patrick Dangerfield has topped 120 fantasy points on 32 occasions out of a possible 106 games (30.1%).

Beams also managed to score above 140 fantasy points on five occasions in 2017, with three of those – plus a score of 138 – coming in the final six rounds of the season. As mentioned previously, Beams had to change his game style because of the limitations brought about by his shoulder injury, so at 28 years of age imagine what he could do when fully fit!

The Lions’ skipper’s game is ideally suited to fantasy football. He gathers a heap of disposals (25.1 over his career), kicks plenty of goals for a midfielder (1 per game), and has averaged four marks and four tackles a game over his 147-match career.

Beams is also one of those players who is very difficult to tag. With the ‘run with player’ reintroduced by coaches last season, this is something that must be considered by coaches in 2018 when selecting their sides.

On the other hand, fellow Dayne, of the Great Zorko variety has proved to be very vulnerable when a player has been given the task of sitting on him for the game.

Given Beams and Zorko are the Lion’s two most damaging players, and one is susceptible to a tag and the other not, you would expect coaches to target Zorko rather than Beams should the tactic ever be employed by opposition teams.

In 2017 Dayne Beam’s ADP in Ultimate Footy was 50.1, and given his recent and continuing injury woes it is doubtful he will go much higher in most leagues in 2018. So he could be available in drafts as late as the fourth or fifth round.

In SuperCoach, Beams will cost a very reasonable $547,000, while in AFL Fantasy he’ll be a bit more expensive at $614,000.

No matter which fantasy format you play, Dayne Beams is a player you want in your side. If the former Magpie – now Lion can stay fit, he will be in the top echelon of fantasy players in 2018.

Indeed, an average of 120 plus is certainly not beyond the 27-year-old next season, and what better Christmas present is there than one that keeps giving back throughout the year.

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