Around the League – Round 8

Dave Cardamone takes a look at what to expect around the league on the eve of Round 8. 

Vale Lou Richards, admittedly I’ve been a student to much of the discussion that has been had this week. It’s been fantastic listening to the greats of the game celebrate the life of the footballer, presenter and T.V personality that for me will be remembered on Lou’s handball, presenting the prizes to the player guests with his comedy and charm.

Continuing to celebrate the pioneer of football entertainment this weeks Around The League takes on a Richards theme.


It doesn’t matter about the context but I saw a video of Gillon McLachlan during the week and crikey I know “Gilligan” was a bit clumsy and not good at much but I would’ve thought someone could’ve at least helped the AFL CEO do his tie up properly! If Gilligan doesn’t know how to do a Half Windsor then he must be working on an island because one of his colleagues should’ve pulled him up before he went to air and help him sort that out.

The Nurse

Jack Riewoldt, speaking on AFL 360 on Tuesday night was discussing the implications of the two dangerous tackles that warranted suspensions of Jarrad Waite and Koby Stevens. He sits on the Rules of the Game Committee and yes player safety is the number one priority but he implied that any injury caused by an action out on the field warrants review by the MRP. It’s a contact sport Jack no need to be a Nurse! It’s incredible to think that something is deemed a free kick and dealt with during the game yet post game can become a reportable incident.


Aliir Aliir, oh boy slept in and was “daydreaming” about well he will only know, been omitted from the senior side in the process. Second part to this is that his flatmate Harry Marsh was the first emergency and because Aliir Aliir was late got to play in his place on the weekend. “Shifty,” to say the least, something smells a miss.

Dr Phil

Dr Phil usually advocates for calm, collective and constructive criticism, to sort out family issues. So it’s only fitting that Phil Davis becomes the games “Dr Phil” that shove on Rory Lobb, was as close to been told off by your parents on the football field that you will ever see. All that was missing was the wooden spoon.

The Karate Kid

He can kick it left and right, weaves this way that way, waxes on and off and has a pretty cool hairstyle like every single Karate Kid too. Petrevski-Seton may not have a black belt just yet but he most definitely has his blue belt on and will continue to learn, grow and excel at a rapid rate, was indeed a very exciting performance on the weekend and this weeks NAB Rising Star nominee.

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