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Cloke to come out snarling in 2017

The Trade:

Collingwood trades Travis Cloke; Collingwood receives pick 72

Western Bulldogs trades pick 72; Western Bulldogs receives Travis Cloke

The Brief:

Although Collingwood would have obviously liked a higher selection for Cloke, all parties would come out of this trade content with the result. Cloke gets to where he wanted to go, the Bulldogs get a key position tall to cover for Jack Redpath and support Tom Boyd for virtually nothing, and the Magpies clear up valuable salary cap space.

Club Trade Rating:

Collingwood – Despite denials from the Magpies, Cloke was clearly not in Nathan Buckley’s plans going forward and they just wanted this trade done as quickly as possible so they could concentrate on acquiring other players. A fourth round selection while disappointing, was not the objective here, freeing up space in their salary cap was. That being said, purely from a trade perspective, Collingwood came out of this one way behind.

Rating: -3: Last time Cloke was coming out of contract he was the biggest name floating around, and even though he is only a shadow of the payer he once was, he’s worth a lot more than pick 72.

Western Bulldogs – The reigning premiers have come out easily ahead in this one. They’ve given up virtually nothing, and Cloke is playing for a fraction of what he would have earned at Collingwood. If the 29-year old fails to make an impact 2017, the Dogs have lost hardly anything, while if Luke Beveridge can get him back to anywhere near his best he could be far more than just a stop-gap solution for the injured Jack Redpath.

Rating: +3: The Bulldogs will hardly notice pick 72 gone nor will Cloke’s mediocre salary place any pressure on their salary cap. The risks are low and the rewards could be enormous. Could possibly end up being one of the trades of the year in terms of bang for your buck.

Fantasy Impact:

Collingwood – Cloke leaving Collingwood will not have any profound effect on other Collingwood players’ fantasy scores as he spent chunks of the season in the VFL, and when he was on the field was hardly the focal point he once was. If anything Darcy Moore might struggle to improve his average, as he more than likely will have the opposition’s best defender marking him every week.

Western Bulldogs – As it as yet unknown how Cloke will be used by the Bulldogs and how well he adapts to his new environment, it’s hard to gauge how his presence will affect his new team mates – as well as himself. Tom Boyd will perhaps be the most to benefit, as his improvement since spending more time in the ruck has been impressive. With Cloke in the forward line, he could be used there more often, and while forward, may not be marked by the opposition’s best defender.

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