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Crozier coming home?


Player Name: Hayden Crozier

Current Club: Fremantle

Potential Clubs: This is a case of rumours suggesting a player is leaving a club, without actually identifying any interested parties. A couple of whispers suggest Gold Coast, Richmond and North Melbourne have at least considered Crozier in any potential trade talks with Fremantle.

The Original Price: Crozier was taken with pick 20 in the 2011 National Draft, and was perhaps most well-known for a specky he took in the National Championships. He was taken ahead of the likes of Seb Ross, Brad Hill and Jack Newnes, however he was seen as a potential goal-kicker for the club, which is what they needed.

The Good: Crozier is a classy type. He has good hands and a good leap, which is known amongst footy fans, but his kicking and ability to deliver the ball to teammates is a strength of his. Versatility is another strength, albeit quite newfound. Crozier was a half-forward flanker/forward pocket, however he moved to half-back in 2016 and was great in that role. He was able to combine the above strengths to become a good player.

The Bad: When playing in attack, Crozier was often too quiet for his own good. He can do the mercurial, but he also lacks the consistency required to play AFL football in the forward line. Defensively, he is relatively unaccountable, and is purely used as a floating intercept mark, or a rebounder. There is scope for improvement in both areas, particularly in attack where he can use the skills he acquired in defence to get into better spaces.

What his club wants: Crozier is one of the kids Ross Lyon has actually played over the past couple of seasons, and to play 50 games as a 22-year-old at Fremantle means they believe he has talent. Therefore, they’ll at the very least be looking to get back what they paid for him, which is an early second round pick. They need to be realistic if another club comes knocking.

What he’s worth: Given Crozier’s ability and what he has shown, a mid-second round pick would be his value at the moment. He hasn’t fully settled in a particular role, and while he looked good across half-back, it will take time for a new club to get him playing a specific role in a specific structure. Luckily, Crozier seems an impressionable type in a footballing sense, and a second round pick would be fair for both parties.

What we’d pay: Pick 28-32

Possible Trade Scenarios:

  1. Gold Coast trades Port Adelaide’s 2016 second round pick (Pick 27), acquired in a previous trade, to Fremantle, Fremantle sends Hayden Crozier to Gold Coast
  2. Richmond trades Reece Conca and its 2017 second round pick to Fremantle, Fremantle sends Hayden Crozier and its 2017 third round pick to Richmond

The Verdict: Crozier is a good, young, talented player who looks to have a good future at AFL level. The lack of consistency in his game and the fact he only showed real promise in 2016 means his value is slightly lower than what the Dockers would like. Crozier will likely stay at the Dockers, however the rumoured clubs who are chasing him would definitely back him in as part of their best 22.

Star Rating: 3/5 – Good signs during 2016 gave us a nice look into Crozier’s future. He has the potential to be something special if his talent is treated properly.


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