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Daniel Wells – Market Value


Player Name: Daniel Wells

Current Club: North Melbourne

Potential Club: Collingwood seems to be the club with the most interest in the free agent. The Pies have reportedly offered Wells a three year deal and $100,000 more than North. Geelong is also believed to be interested.

The Original Price: Daniel Wells was drafted by the Kangaroos with pick two in the 2002 National Draft.

The Good: There’s no questioning that Wells can still perform. He’s won games for the Roos this season and had patches of A-grade form. When he finally got an uninterrupted run at footy, he delivered.

The Bad: That’ll be the query. Can another team get Wells’ body right? If so, they might have found themselves a bargain. However, Collingwood offering the 31-year-old a three year deal seems ludicrous given Wells’ injury issues over the last few seasons. You’d be safe in saying they won’t get 66 games out of him, but what would be considered a pass across three years? Even 50 games seems unlikely. He mightn’t be worth the risk.

What his club wants: Well the Kangaroos want Wells to stay at the club, that’s what they want. As an unrestricted free agent, the ball is entirely in his court.

What he’s worth: A three year deal and some extra coin seems to be the lure for Wells, and if a club is desperate to add him to their mix, that’s what they’re going to have to give up. Is Wells worth three years? It is entirely dependent on his body.

What we’d pay: Three years is a big gamble on a player who might only have one season left in him, but if that’s what it takes to get him, then we’d be willing to cough that up if it meant helping our team reach premiership contention. Wells doesn’t seem like the right fit for Collingwood who probably aren’t in the premiership window.

Possible Trade Scenarios: Wells is an unrestricted free agent. North Melbourne should receive a second round pick as compensation for him, due to the length of the contract.

Verdict: Wells to Geelong would make more sense in terms of looking for another piece of the premiership puzzle, but if Collingwood are the frontrunners and they think they can get his body right, then it’s their prerogative to roll the dice.

Star Rating: 3/5



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