Trade and FA

Deledio stands tall as a Giant

The Trade:

Richmond trades Brett Deledio; Richmond receives Geelong’s 2017 first-round pick (on-traded) and GWS’ third-round pick

GWS trades it’s 2017 first-round and third-round picks; GWS receives Brett Deledio

The Brief:

Deledio was clearly looking to a new club during the trade period. At first he requested a trade to Geelong but when it became apparent that Geelong did now have the trade piece or salary cap to accommodate him, GWS came calling. He’ll be rapt to be joining the Giants; They finished fourth this year and look on the verge of sustained greatness. Where he slots into that team is a different story. He can play anywhere from half back to half forward and may well do so.

Club Trade Rating:

Richmond – the Tigers were in a bind with Deledio. It’s not often a club will demand a player stay at the club when he has requested a trade and Richmond weren’t about to do so. The trade has given them a chance to clear some salary cap space, although they are expected to pay part of his salary next year.

Rating: +1. – The going rate for Deledio was a late first-round pick and Richmond have gotten a bit more than that with the third-round selection thrown in. They’ve done well.

GWS – the Giants have gone and done it again, they’ve recruited another senior player. Deledio is a savvy acquisition for the Giants, he adds more class to a team that made a Preliminary Final this year and they should get three more years out of him.

Rating: -1. – GWS gave up a little bit too much for Deledio but we suspect that Richmond will be paying part of his salary so the Giants are liekly happy with the trade.

Fantasy Impact:

Richmond – Richmond have lost a match winner here, but Deledio’s absence opens up some big opportunities in the midfield and through half forward. Dion Prestia will take up some of the fantasy points Deledio leaves behind and we’d expect to see an uptick in Shane Edwards’ fantasy output. Daniel Rioli and Oleg Markov get greater opportunities now as well.

GWS – Brett Deledio walks straight into the Giants starting side but what position he plays is yet to be determined. He could slot in alongside Steve Johnson, Devon Smith and Toby Greene as a small/medium forward or he could go back to defence alongside Heath Shaw, Zac William and Nathan Wilson. The midfield also beckons but we know how chock full of stars the Giants midfield is. Given his age and the talent around him, expect Deledio’s fantasy output to drop in 2017 and will the weight on his shoulders.

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