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Could Dusty depart Punt Rd?


Player Name: Dustin Martin

Current Club: Richmond

Potential Clubs: All of them. Who wouldn’t want Dustin Martin in their team? The clubs that have been linked with him recently are Adelaide and St Kilda, with the latter having been spoken about for the entire 2016 season.

The Original Price: Martin was taken with third pick of the 2009 National Draft and has played 153 games since then. Nat Fyfe was taken later on in the same draft, however with all the fanfare surrounding Martin compared to the unknown quality of Fyfe, the Tigers made the right choice.

The Good: Clearly, Martin is one of the best players in the competition. His ability to break tackles is second-to-none and his clearances and contested work is much improved While 2016 was his worst season from a scoreboard impact point-of-view, Martin is perhaps the best resting midfielder in the competition, winning most of his one-on-one contests in attack. This season was clearly his best in terms of finding the ball.

The Bad: Given his new status as one of the premier midfielders in the competition, Martin doesn’t find himself in much space anymore. This has clearly affected his kicking, which is now extremely inconsistent. It doesn’t surprise to see Martin grubber the ball 30 metres along the ground. Off-field issues have been a problem over his career, and is clearly something clubs will look at when bringing him into their club.

What his club wants: Martin is out of contract in 2017, and if he wants to leave for some reason, the Tigers will push to get two early first round picks at least. The team would clearly prefer his stays at the club, given his marquee status at the club, but they’ll be asking for a lot if they were to part ways with him.

What he’s worth: At 25 years of age and still in contract, really, the Tigers wouldn’t be ostracised for asking for two first-round picks. Martin is elite and will be for the next five years at least, and given the development and support the club has given him over the years, this grand price would be reasonable.

What we’d pay: Picks 3/14

Possible Trade Scenarios:

  1. Adelaide trades its 2016 first round selection (Pick 13), its 2017 first round selection and Cameron Ellis-Yolmen to Richmond, Richmond sends Dustin Martin and its 2017 third round selection to Adelaide.
  2. St Kilda trades its 2016 first round selection (Pick 10) and its 2017 first round selection to Richmond, Richmond sends Dustin Martin to St Kilda.

The Verdict: It’s extremely unlikely Martin will move during the 2016 trade period, however the rumours won’t stop. St Kilda has long been linked with him, while talks of a $6 million, five-year deal at Adelaide have surfaced recently. Given Richmond’s season, Martin would be smart to at least look at some offers externally before deciding whether he wants to re-commit to his team post-2017.

Star Rating: 5/5 – Martin is a premium player and must be treated as such in any potential discussions.


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