Trade and FA

Former top-10 pick joins North Melbourne

The Trade:

GWS trades Paul Ahern; GWS receives pick 69

North Melbourne trades pick 69; North Melbourne receives Paul Ahern

The Brief:

Uncapped midfielder Paul Ahern was courted by North Melbourne and has agreed to a deal. Taken with pick 7 in the 2014 National Draft, Ahern is a classy ball user with pace. He’s had two knee reconstructions in two years and will miss most of the 2017 season, but North Melbourne will hope in time that Ahern can fill the hole left by Daniel Wells.

Club Trade Rating:

GWS – the Giants had to cut their list down to comply with AFL rules this year and Ahern was an easy trade to make having not played a game in his short AFL career. In that sense, the Giants will be comfortable with the trade and comfortable in the depth of midfielders on their list.

Rating: -2. – As a former first round draft pick, pick 7 just two years ago, we valued Ahern’s worth as a late third-round draft pick, around pick 51-55. They’ve received a mid-fourth round draft, pick 69 in return.

North Melbourne – It’s a big risk North Melbourne are taking here on a player who has yet to play a game and has had two knee reconstructions but the risk hasn’t come at a great price. He’ll learn the shinboner spirit in 2017 from the sidelines while he recovers and hit 2018 hard, one of a number of young, talented midfielders.

Rating: +2. – They’ve given up very little here, North Melbourne. Pick 69 is unders for a former top-10 draft pick, regardless of injury.

Fantasy Impact:

GWS – No impact here. Ahern had not played a game and was unlikely to play a game in 2017. Expect the Giants fantasy stars to just keep on keeping on.

North Melbourne – There have been a lot of fantasy points exit the North Melbourne Football Club and not a lot come in yet. Ahern will contribute when he gets the chance, but that chance is unlikely to be in 2017.

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