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Hanley crosses to the Coast

The Trade:

Brisbane trades Pearce Hanley and pick 19; Brisbane receives pick 22 and Port Adelaide’s 2017 first-round pick.

Gold Coast trades pick 22 and pick 30 ; Gold Coast receives Pearce Hanley and pick 67

Port Adelaide trades pick 67 and their 2017 first-round pick; Port Adelaide receives pick 19 and pick 30

The Brief:

Hanley’s manager stated that the Irishman had “losers fatigue” and although he’s unlikely to dramatically increase that situation at the Suns, a fresh start will do him good. He remains in QLD and close to his brother and has an opportunity to play in a team that should improve in 2017, despite the midfielders they are expected to lose this trade period.

Club Trade Rating:

Brisbane – the Lions have well and truly moved down the path of a complete rebuild. They’ve moved on a lot of their older players, Hanley included, and are targeting as many draft picks as they can get inside 25. The Hanley trade helps them here. They move out only three positions this year and have brought in a 2017 first-round selection to help continue their rebuild.

Rating: +2. – Brisbane have done wonderfully here. We rated Hanley as a mid second-round draft pick and they’ve received essentially a future first-round pick for him. 

Gold Coast – the Suns should be happy to add Hanley to their team. He gives them options off of half-back along with Nick Malceski, Kade Kolodjashnij and Trent McKenzie and when playing through the middle gives great pace and delivery inside 50 to key targets, Tom Lynch and Peter Wright.

Rating: -2. – Pick 22 for Hanley is just about right, so the Suns have done well in that regard but trading pick 30 for 67 is a slide back they didn’t need to make. 

Port Adelaide – the Power have delivered Ah Chee where he wanted to go and have improved their draft position. He played 11 games for Port Adelaide this year so the club will be disappointed to lose a young developing player, but they’ve done right by their young gun in acquiescing his request.

Rating: 0. – evens. Port Adelaide have traded a mid first round pick for an end of first round and have moved from the fourth to second rounds this year. They’ve given up a lot in the first round here so they’ve come out evens.

Fantasy Impact:

Brisbane – Hanley leaving the club opens up some real opportunities in the midfield for quality ball users. Expect the likes of Tom Bell and Tom Cutler to increase the scoring and youngsters Ben Keays, Jarrad Jansen, Rhys Mathieson to play more games in 2017.

Gold Coast – Hanley is probably a direct upgrade on running midfielder Aaron Hall. As a better ball user, the Suns will prefer the ball in Hanley’s hands rather than Halls. Expect a decline in Hall’s output. Fringe half-back Trent McKenzie may also be impacted in terms of making the senior side but Tom Lynch and Peter Wright will benefit from better delivery inside 50.

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