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Hawks get their Jaeger, just

The Trade:

Gold Coast trades Jaeger O’Meara to Hawthorn: Gold Coast receives Hawthorn’s pick 10 and Carlton’s 2017 second round selection.

Hawks trade pick 10 and on-trade Carlton’s 2017 second round selection. Hawthorn receives Jaeger O’Meara

The Brief:

We’ve been waiting 10 days for this to happen and in the end, it happened with nine minutes to spare. Gold Coast played hard ball, and demanded more than just a straight pick and or player swap, which delayed the deal getting done until the final moments. The Hawks probably showed their hand earlier than they wanted by shipping off Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis, which meant the Suns knew they held the whip hand. The Hawks ended up selling out three picks this year to get a second-rounder next year which they could then on-trade to the Suns.

Club Trade Rating:

Gold Coast – The Suns have done fairly well out of this one, although they did say they wanted a player as part of the deal along with pick 10. In the end, they got their extra bit of cream on the pie by getting another second round pick next year. Given they have a wealth of picks inside the first 10 this year, that is more valuable to them than a second rounder this year.

Rating: +2:

Hawthorn – This is an interesting trade for Hawthorn. They could have just secured a future superstar essentially for pick 10 and a handful of later picks which they parlayed into a second rounder. However, given their original offer was pick 10, and we rated him 6-10, and they did give up those other picks, then they probably came out slightly worse. Hawks recruiting and list manager Graeme Wright admitted they paid slight overs for him in the aftermath of the trader period.

Rating: -2:

Fantasy Impact:

Gold Coast – No major impact in terms of fantasy at the Suns as O’Meara obviously hasn’t played in two years. With Prestia and O’Meara now not part of the Suns midfield ongoing, it probably increases the value of others in that on=ball brigade.

Hawthorn – There’s been a big midfield big shake-up at Hawthorn and that will leave plenty of unanswered questions for fantasy players. With no Lewis and Mitchell, there is plenty of opportunity for Tom Mitchell and O’Meara to become the prime ball winners for the Hawks. The extra mystery of course how ready O’Meara will be for top-flight footy after such a long-time out of the game. He will be watched very closely in the pre-season.         

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