Trade and FA

Hibberd to exorcise his Demons at Melbourne

The Trade:

Essendon trades Michael Hibberd and pick 59; Essendon receives pick 29 and pick 68

Melbourne trades pick 29 and pick 68; Melbourne receives Michael Hibberd and pick 59

The Brief:

After enduring four years of speculation, investigations and suspensions, Hibberd needed a fresh start and requested a trade to Melbourne to play under former assistant coach, Simon Goodwin. He will be happy that the deal has been done swiftly and amicably and he can finally move on with his career. He’ll play out of the backline for Melbourne alongside some genuinely exciting young talent in Jayden Hunt, Tom Bugg and Tom McDonald.

Club Trade Rating:

Essendon – the Bombers have stated that they’re happy with a second-round draft pick for Hibberd. They’re in a unique situation, having the number one draft pick and a team that is ready to make a push to play finals. They’ll use this pick to add to their talented depth.

Rating: -1. – Hibberd was probably worth a draft pick a little higher than Essendon have received, unfortunately for the Bombers, that wasn’t where Melbourne’s pick fell. The pick slide in the fourth round doesn’t help either.

Melbourne – the Demons would be rapt, they’ve got their man. They’ve managed to trade for need, Hibberd will slot straight in to that backline. The downside here is that Melbourne have traded themselves out of both the first and second rounds of the draft this year. Their first selection is now currently pick 57.

Rating: +1 – They’ve done well here without getting a steal. A successful season on-field has led to a successful trade.

Fantasy Impact:

Essendon – it’s hard to tell how Hibberd’s exit will affect the fantasy prospects of his former teammates considering how many of them did not play in 2016. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti should maintain his output and Marty Gleeson may get more opportunity than he otherwise would have.

Melbourne – Hibberd’s stocks shouldn’t change a great deal, although there is some concern about how well he will return given a year off. If anything we see a decline in his output, given the emergence of Jayden Hunt towards the end of 2016, as a line-breaking defender. The Demons will want the ball in Hunt’s hands often. Players like Tom Bugg may find the ball in their hands less, and young players like Oscar McDonald and Billy Stretch will have to fight that much harder for their positions in the team.

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