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Jack leaves frosty Victoria behind


The Trade:

Collingwood trade Jack Frost, pick 76 and 2017 third round selection to Brisbane: Collingwood receives Brisbane’s 2017 third and fourth round selections.

Brisbane trade their 2017 third and fourth round selections to Collingwood: Brisbane receives Jack Frost, pick 76 and Collingwood’s 2017 third round selection.

The Brief: 

Frost found himself on the outer at the Magpies this season managing only 10 AFL appearances, and heads to Brisbane in the hope of more senior opportunities. A tall lock down defender with just over 50 games under his belt, Frost is quick off the mark and has a good pair of hands. He will provide the Lions with a badly needed mature body in defence, but is in the right age bracket for side that is building such as Brisbane.

Club Trade Rating:

Collingwood – Frost was never going to attract a high draft pick and that is how it turned out to be. They’ve ontraded the selection the picked up for Cloke which was pretty useless anyway, and the swap of picks will advantage whichever club finishes higher next season. Frost wasn’t in the Pies plans going forward, so didn’t lose all that much, but didn’t get much back either.

Rating: -1

Brisbane – Could end up being a good a bad deal for the Lions. The better Frost performs and the higher they finish on the ladder in 2017 the better this deal becomes. If Frost struggles and so do the Lions, it could be a more costly trade. But on face value they come out slightly ahead on this deal.

Rating: +1

Fantasy Impact:

Collingwood – Frost played just 10 games at Collingwood in 2016 so none of his former team-mate’s fantasy output will be affected next season. As for Frost himself, he is hardly a fantasy relevant player having never averaged above 50 in his four seasons at AFL level.

Brisbane –  Not much to report here either. As a lockdown key position defender the only fantasy effect he will have on the Lion’s is he will keep another similar type of player out of the side. Since that player would be as fantasy irrelevant as Frost, his move to Brisbane will change little if anything from a fantasy perspective.

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