Trade and FA

Lynden Dunn with Demons

The Trade:

Melbourne trades Lynden Dunn and pick 51; Melbourne receives pick 47

Collingwood trades pick 47; Collingwood receives Lynden Dunn and pick 51

The Brief:

Dunn spent much of 2016 playing for eventual VFL Grand Finalists, Casey Scorpions, as Melbourne blooded young guns Jayden Hunt and Oscar McDonald in their backline. He managed just four games this year and will be happy to join Collingwood where he is a real chance to fill the one of the holes left in their defensive structure. Although he’ll turn 30 early next season, he’ll feel that he’s got a few more years left in the tank and can contribute to the Collingwood backline alongside ex-Melbourne teammate, Jeremy Howe. He’s got a big kick on him so will help Collingwood transition out of defence nicely.

Club Trade Rating:

Melbourne – Considering Dunn wasn’t in their best 22 for much of the year, Melbourne would be happy to clear the salary cap space as they look to the future. They’ve got a lot of promising young players that will be looking for increases in salary over the next few years. Smart move by the Demons here despite perhaps receiving less than what Dunn is worth.

Rating: -3. – Melbourne have esentially given up Dunn for free. They lose this trade.

Collingwood – Dunn fills a role for the Pies here. He’s big enough to hold his own in defence and will give them an option other than running the ball out when rebounding. They’ve not compromised their draft position or their ability to bring in father-son recruits Callum Brown and Josh Daicos to get him, so it’s a win in that sense.

Rating: +3. – Anytime you can bring in a player with little sacrifice, you are doing well.

Fantasy Impact:

Melbourne – Jayden Hunt, Oscar McDonald and Billy Stretch benefit here in that they’ll continue to senior games in Melbourne’s back half. Other than that, Dunn’s absence from the senior side for the most part of 2016 means he’s departure will have little fantasy impact on the squad.

Collingwood – Dunn slots into the backline at Melbourne, giving them another dimension when rebounding. His ability to kick long may affect the output of running defenders Brayden Maynard and Marley Williams, should Williams remain at the Pies in 2017.

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