Trade and FA

Marley bounces over to Arden St


The Trade:

Collingwood trades Marley Williams to North Melbourne: Collingwood receive pick 105

North Melbourne trades pick 105: North Melbourne receive Marley Williams.

The Brief:

Although Williams has been mooted as a possible trading option for some time, he was never really linked to any particular club. However, in the past few days there has been some interest from North Melbourne and that’s where Williams ended up with little fuss or fanfare. While he is not and never likely to be a star of the game the selection the Kangaroos have given up is well under his value. That being said, the Magpies were likely to delist him so have lost nothing.

Club Trade Rating:

Collingwood – The Magpies have backed Williams through some pretty troubled times and after 68 games it seems they were ready to part ways with the 23-year old small defender. List Manger Derek Hine suggested he would have most likely be delisted and was happy to help facilitate a move easily so he could continue his AFL career.

Rating: -2:

North Melbourne – The Kangaroos have picked up a young pacey half back flanker for a selection they would have been unlikely to use otherwise. Given the writing was seemingly on the wall for Williams at the Magpies, North Melbourne would have signed him for close to minimum wage so come out well ahead on this deal.

Rating: +2:

Fantasy Impact:

Collingwood  – Williams has never been a big fantasy performer and his lack of consistent game time at the Magpies did not help. His departure will have little effect on his now ex-team mates, as even were he to stay he would have struggled to play senior football.

North Melbourne – With some consistent game time and a more defined role, Williams may flourish at his new home. The Kangaroos need a quick player to run out of defence and Williams fits that bill. Without a lot of small medium defenders on their books, Williams coming in shouldn’t put someone out, and he may also allow Coach Brad Scott to use all his midfielders further up the ground, rather than relying on them to provide that run.

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