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Mayne makes his way to Collingwood

The Move:

Collingwood has signed Chris Mayne as an unrestricted free agent.

Fremantle loses Chris Mayne; Fremantle receives a second-round compensation pick, currently pick 23.

The Brief:

All parties will be happy here. Mayne has landed at his club of choice on a nice three-year contract, Collingwood gets their man and perhaps the missing puzzle piece in their forward line setup, and Fremantle have secured themselves a decent compensation pick in pick 23.

Club Rating:

Collingwood – the Pies should be very happy. They’ve got the room in the salary cap and have added another talented avenue to goal. The fact that Collingwood can bring in an experienced forward and add a leader in that area of the ground without having to trade for one is a boon for the club.

Rating: +2. Anytime a club can bring in a quality player without sacrificing players or draft picks is a win.

Fremantle – there wasn’t a lot that Fremantle could do in this situation. As Mayne was an unrestricted free agent, the club did not have the right to match the offer. They could only wait to hear what draft pick they’d receive as compensation, and that is pick 23.

Rating: +1. We valued Mayne around pick 30-35 and thanks to Fremantle finishing 16th in 2016, their compensation pick is a bit higher than that mark. They’ve done well.

Fantasy Impact:

Collingwood – it’s unlikely that Mayne’s output differs a great deal from that of 2016, perhaps we’ll see a slight uptick. He’ll certainly receive better delivery with a more polished midfield at Collingwood kicking the ball to him. 

Fremantle – Fremantle’s forward line has changed quite a lot so far this off-season. With the absence of key targets Mayne and Matthew Pavlich, the group as a whole should see an increase in scoring.

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