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Melbourne get McKenna

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The Trade:

GWS trades Pat McKenna and picks 51 and 69; GWS receives pick 57 and pick 59

Melbourne trades pick 57 and pick 59; Melbourne receives Pat McKenna and pick 51 and 69

The Brief:

Melbourne were very interested in Pat McKenna in his draft year of 2014, their interest forcing GWS to draft him with an earlier pick than they’d have preferred. The former Australian under-19 cricket captain now gets the chance to live in Melbourne and perhaps play some senior football.

Club Trade Rating:

GWS – have lost another promising young player who just couldn’t break into a senior team chock full of talent. While McKenna’s loss won’t necessarily hurt their chances of success in the next few years, they’ve not gotten very much in return for him

Rating: -2. – giving up a player and sliding out in the third round is not even value for sliding in in the fourth round. It’s a points win for GWS, but they lose out on this trade.

Melbourne – McKenna may not play much, if any, senior football in 2017 but Melbourne rate the youngster very highly and will give him time to continue his development. From their perspective they’ve trade him in for next to nothing.

Rating: +2. – a slide here and a slide there, but in the end, Melbourne have scored McKenna for very very little. This deal is a big win for them.

Fantasy Impact:

GWS – McKenna absence will not affect the Giants current teams fantasy stocks one bit. Their current crop of draftees, likely Harry Perryman, Will Setterfield and Andrew McGrath/Hugh McCluggage will be one step closer to a debut game with McKenna out of the club.

Melbourne – Unlikely to threaten the senior chances or fantasy outputs of Melbourne’s current crop of youngsters, McKenna will fight with Alex Neal-Bullen and the likes for senior opportunities in 2017 while developing his game for 2016 Grand Finalists, Casey Scorpions.

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