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My week is ruined

It’s 3pm on a Monday and I stare coldly at the computer screen while sitting at work, thinking just one more touchdown. Romo to Witten, that’s all I need to win. One more TD is the difference between a 6-4 record and a 5-5 record. The TD never came and my team lost by 10 points: 117 to 127 was the final margin. If I had played any other team in my league this week I would have won, but I had to be playing Joe. A good friend, yes, but not the most gracious of winners; the post match ramblings on the message boards certainly didn’t help get the bitter taste of defeat out of my mouth.

Fantasy football definitely has its high points. Making bids for players, furiously negotiating with fellow league coaches, picking up players off the waiver wire and most importantly winning are all among them. But there are certainly low points of playing fantasy football. Take this week; all week long I was mulling over in my head “Andre Ellington, Harry Douglas or Riley Cooper” who will I play in my flex spot? I chose Andre Ellington, but Riley Cooper would have led my team to victory.

I would have preferred Cooper get less than 18 points, then I would be able to be comfortable with the fact that my best team couldn’t win on the day. But that wasn’t the case, as Cooper scored 23 fantasy points and left me with that ill feeling in my stomach knowing that if I had started him I could have won this week.

These are the choices and decisions we have to make when playing fantasy football. Once you make that decision and the game-week begins, there is no turning back (no matter how poor they may be). Safe to say Cooper is going into my starting line up this week, so I’m hoping for a repeat performance to redeem my team and clinch my playoff spot.

I play in three fantasy NFL leagues. One work league, one league with a few of the other Footy Prophet guys, but those leagues pail into insignificance compared to my league of record. A league of record is the league you care the most about, a league that you spend the most time on and the league you want to win the most. Mine is the League Down Under, an NFL Fantasy league we started way back. We came from humble beginnings, a group of friends drafting online. Four years later we were drafting from a deluxe suite at Crown Promenade! We even have one league member Jack who comes down to Melbourne from Brisbane every year for our draft. Now that’s commitment.

Maybe it’s just my personality of competitiveness and my eternal hatred of losing, but the bitter taste of defeat in the league you care the most about is so hard to swallow. It has pretty much ruined my week!

Does anyone else feel the same way about losing in fantasy? Would love to know if any of you have stories of heartbreaking losses in your fantasy leagues, be in NFL, NBA, AFL or otherwise.

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