The Probst Review – Round 2

We have two rounds completed and there are a couple of teams that are undefeated and winless. Luffy and Horse remain undefeated, while Cuffy and Shitrug are the early candidates for the Chol. The Group chat name has been named to ‘Another Marsh Fails’ which is referring to Harry Marsh’s lacklustre score of 15. The Group photo (see below) refers to the upcoming match between the current cellar dwellers in Cuffy and Shitrug.


Probst 6

Cuffy (Ieft) takes on Shitrug (right) this week in a battle of the winless teams in Round 3.


Probst 1

Luffy took on Sarge in one of the battles of undefeated teams from Round One with Luffy getting home in a thriller. Luffy took a 35-point lead into the last game of the round with a 2 on 1 disadvantage. It was Wines v Ryder and Broadbent, with Wines managing to hold them off with his score of 115 which secured a 15-point victory.

Luffy can thank his two young Melbourne players in Salem and Oliver for his win as well as Wines as they both poured on 125 plus scores on the Sunday. This was a big win for Luffy who was able to cover the injured Riewoldt.

”Going into the last half of the Port game the odds were against us. Wines vs Ryder, Broadbent & a 2-point lead. Ollie went bang and sealed the win with a 1 handed hanger on the wing. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat for the second year against Sarge feels amazing.”

Sarge was lucky to get as close as he did to victory in the end, as the injury to Josh Jenkins helping him due to his bench cover in Jeremy Cameron scoring 119. He had even contributions across the board and only had 4 players crack the ton. A good captains score saw him be competitive in this one.

“I want to focus on the positives in Murphy and Danger, but knowing a couple more marks, kicks and handballs would have gotten me the win is crushing.”


Probst 2

We go from a 15-point thriller to a 258-point shellacking, with Padders bouncing back from last week’s defeat to crush Chiddz.

Padders’ team went from zero to hero this week and no one on his team emulated this more than Robbie Gray. After he scored a lowly 21 last week, he bounced back and scored a monster 138. He was helped also by Shuey and Tyson who both outscored Gray. This win came despite no defender scoring over 75.

“Unlike most AFL teams this week free kick eagles, scratch that…. Whorethorn hit the lead early and never looked back”

Just a nightmare of a week for Chiddz which saw Tippett go down injured and another 4 scores under 60. Another blow was a sub 100 captain score provided by JPK. A lift from his midfield and backline will help him get back on the winners list.

“Game was over when Tippett went down. If he had pumped out a 272 we would have had it in the bag.”


Probst 3

Goughy cruised to a comfortable victory over Sneanzy after two donuts from the late withdrawals of Hartlett and Goldstein with no cover.

Goughy learnt the lesson from last week and did captain Heppell over Hannbery, which did net him more points overall but didn’t change the result. In a pretty low scoring affair, he only managed to have three players score above 100 so might have struggled had Sneanzy been able to field a full team.

”Despite playing against two zeros this week it was great for the club to get our first win of 2017. We look forward to building from here.”

Sneanzy will be ruing the fact that he had no bench cover and may look to the waiver wire this week to get some cover in case this happens to him again. Two half decent scores would have seen him get across the line. He had good scores in the midfield (apart from Blakely’s sub-par). Goldstein and Hartlett should be back next week which will boost his side’s score.

“Two zeros thanks solely to this league’s inability to implement much needed changes in the core structure of this competition. Why have two rucks when most… if not all of the AFL teams play with 1? #timeforchange”


Probst 4

This scrappy affair was ultimately decided by captain’s choice with Bantz getting over the line against Shitrug.
A 152 from Sloane and Treloar’s captain score of 127 saw Bantz get on the board for 2017. There weren’t too many other highlights for Bantz as there was only one century scored between his defenders, rucks and forwards. He was lucky to face off against Chol favourite in Shitrug.

”The Bant Lords were not great this week… But the Beavers were far worse. Beavers like wood so the Chol won’t be out of place at the dam.”

A Harry Marsh 15 and an injured captain’s score of 88 to Jack Steven saw Shitrug have the lowest score of the round. The injury to Steven only makes things worse for Shitrug who will need to find another captain’s option for the coming weeks.

“Stern words to be had with Bernie Vince… The rest of the emergency ward needs to get healthy quickly.”


Probst 5

Horse got a 97-point victory over Cuffy to ensure that he stayed winless after two rounds. Both teams had lowly captains scores but still managed to score over 1900 each.

The unlikely yet effective ruck combination of Campbell and Witts both scored over 90 as well as a very even contribution from the midfield and forward line helped Horse to his second win from two matches. His depth will be tested in the coming weeks, as Hogan and Lewis have both copped hefty suspensions.

“Uneventful weekend, Game was won on Thursday due to Cuffy’s lack of managerial ability. MRP, be nice to Hogan and Lewis please.”

Cuffy had 5 scorers over 100 but no one over 106 and a captain’s score of Parker’s 91 made it hard for Cuffy to get a big score this week. There doesn’t seem to be high ceilings for his midfield group at the moment which makes captain selection tricky. There is now a two game gap between the Duffy brothers.

“The Besties, much like Hawthorn are not a happy team right now. Walters & rich are the two biggest issues facing the club. However, I doubt they hold any trade value at the moment. If Parker lifts, this season is salvageable but it needs to happen soon.”

The most intriguing match-up in Round 3 will be Cuffy v Shitrug which will see one team stranded down the bottom of the ladder. Other close match-ups could include Padders v Sarge and Bantz v Goughy.

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