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The Probst League

There were some big scores posted this week from a couple of teams in a round where there weren’t too many close encounters. We still have two undefeated teams but only one team that is winless after three rounds – can you guess who it is?

We also have the first round of position changes in which has given two teams an advantage. Cuffy has both Melksham and Conca who attained Back eligibility and Robbie Gray got forward status which will help Padders out immensely.

Unfortunately, the coaches couldn’t be reached for comment this week but we will plough on without them.


Probst 3 - 1

In the first match-up Luffy cruised past Sneanzy to stay undefeated and had the biggest score of the week.

Luffy had the perfect week with contributions coming from every position to go along with monster scores from Swallow, Riewoldt, Wines and Grundy and a solid captain’s score from Pendlebury. The only spoiler on Luffy’s week is that Brent Stanton didn’t get DPP which was the main reason for Luffy drafting him.

Sneanzy would be disappointed with this team’s effort after the core of his midfield all dominated except for Merrett who happened to be his captain this week. He also had four players score under 50 which really killed any chance of coming close to the top of the table team.


Probst 3 - 2

Sarge got the win against Padders in this one by quite a handy margin despite some indifferent scoring from some members of his team.

The midfield combination of Danger and Marc Murphy is holding Sarge in good stead after another week of domination from both. The ruck combo of Kreuzer and Ryder is also probably one of the stronger ones in the league (he will miss Ryder this week though). Sarge was another team that had four scorers below 50 and the main culprits were his Hawthorn players.

Padders only had three players score above 100 including a massive score of 156 from Dusty but only as his VC. A lot of mid-range scores which meant a high score just wasn’t in the cards this week. He will take solace in Robbie Gray being able to be moved forward from this week onwards.


Probst 3 -3

In the closest encounter for the week Goughy took down Bantz by 43 points. It came down to the last match between Gold Coast v Hawthorn, and it was rather fitting with the result that Goughy had Gold Coast players and Bantz had Hawks players. Goughy had Martin and Lynch against Bantz’s Rioli, McEvoy and Gibson. Goughy’s two players almost outscored Bantz’s three which was enough to hold him off and win the match-up.

Goughy had excellent contributions from most of his midfield and his rucks, but his defence and some forwards almost cost him the match-up.

Bantz’s top five midfielders all smashed it this week but was let down badly by both his forwards and defenders with only one of them cracking the ton. Bantz will be hoping the return of McVeigh to the backline in the next couple of weeks will bolster his side.


Probst 3 - 4

In the battle of the winless sides Cuffy steamed to victory against the hapless Shitrug.

Cuffy is the first team this year to have no one in the midfield not get past the 100 mark. A lacklustre captain’s score of 84 from Parker highlighted the poor form of the midfield. Three centuries from both his forwards and defenders saved his bacon along with solid scores from the rucks.

Shitrug had the lowest score of the week (yet again) and things have gone from bad to worse. Not only did he lose his first-round draft pick in Max Gawn for 12 weeks, he also happened to make Gawn captain for the week which made it nearly impossible to win for the week. On a brighter note, he had four century scorers in the midfield but nothing spectacular in defence or forward. This may break the Mighty Beaver’s dam and condemn him to the Chol for season 2017.


Probst 3 - 5

In the last match-up of the week Horse got a victory over Chiddz in a landslide.

Horse had a big captain’s score thanks to Taylor Adams and had massive scores from Ablett, Jones and Mundy which helped him get to the second highest score of the week. There were no real weaknesses in this performance apart from a couple of sub 60 scores in the forward line.

Chiddz struggled to get it going in the back and forward lines this week whilst his midfield produced consistent scoring without anything massive. Chiddz will be hoping that his midfield can keep performing as it is but will need big lifts from all forwards and defenders.


Probst 3 - 6

Luffy and Horse are by themselves at the top of the ladder, while Shitrug is looking the goods for the Chol early in the season.


The most pivotal match-up of Round 4 will be Sneanzy and Padders who are both on one win after three weeks. This will start to show some separation in the ladder as we get a better idea of who the strong teams in the competition are.

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