The Probst – A Round of Upsets

This league has drawn parallels with the AFL a number of times this season, no more than on the weekend where we saw a number of upsets take place. None was bigger than Shitrug getting his first win over early-season favourite Luffy.

There were no trades completed this week and the position changes really didn’t help any coach out. It seems UF’s promise of being less conservative fell on deaf ears and the coaches with weak ruck stocks are the victims.


Probst 7 - 1

The biggest upset of the year took place on the weekend, with Shitrug getting on the board against Luffy in what can only be described as a gritty affair. It’s almost as if Shitrug brought Luffy down to his level and scrubbed out a win. The winning margin of 43 is almost the exact score of Hampton who was a part of the Max Gawn trade earlier in the year with Luffy. Shitrug can now say that this trade got him at least one win.

Shitrug put the C next to Selwood who put up an average score but had other stars shine through. Waite, Josh Kelly, Ryder, Billings and Steven all managed to score over 110, however, another five players still scored under 50 which stopped this win from being more convincing.

“We did it! We bloody did it! What a roller coaster ride! From having three 110+ scores on Friday night to going back to being useless on Saturday night only to rally again on Sunday thanks to Zak Jones. The Beavers are back! The Beavers are bloody back!”

Luffy struggled all over the ground this week with hardly any high scores and some very mediocre scores. Luffy gave DePendlebury the captaincy who didn’t let him down and Hunter scored a solid 131 points but nothing else caught our eye.

“Lost to the Beavers. Don’t even know how this is possible. Bantz got into my head with Wells being a late out and panicked and took Roughy from the field. Cost me the game. Well played Bantz, well played.”


Probst 7 - 2

Chiddz was once again impressive, scoring over the 2100 mark for the second week in a row and cruised to victory over Goughy. What made this score and this win even more impressive was the fact that Chiddz did this while also having a donut.

Chiddz had Tom Mitchell as his captain who produced his highest score of the season. In addition, five other midfielders all scored 110+ whilst two forwards and defenders scored over 100 as well. As mentioned above he did this with a donut after Nankervis was suspended and Tippett still injured. If either of them had played would’ve had a solid chance of scoring over 2200, a mark that no one has achieved this year.

“2150 with a 0 on my field and 3 scores over 75 on my bench. I prayed hard to the Mipni Gods after Tippett and Nank were ruled out and the Gods delivered.”

Despite the loss Goughy didn’t have a bad week. Stef Martin was captain and put up another reliable score. The midfield and backline was solid, however, the forward line was bitterly disappointing.

“Lost by 200 to a guy with a zero. Good thing about being in the US is I can just mute the Whatsapp convo until Thursday.”


Probst 7 - 4

Sneanzy got back on the winners list week, taking care of Bantz. Bantz produced the lowest score of the week, making it an easy win for Sneanzy.

Zach Merrett put in a good captain’s score for Sneanzy while his backline propelled him to a winning total. Aaron Hall’s 156 was the standout which was complimented by two centuries in each of the forward line and backline.

“Easy 230 point win over little old Bantz. Knew he couldn’t stand toe to toe with me.”

Bantz’s strong midfield didn’t fire this week with all of Sloane, Treloar, Zorko and Sidebottom failing to reach triple figures. No excuses for this poor performance. This was only made worse by another injury to Birchall.

“Tough weekend for the Lords going down to Sneanzy. Apparently Sloane can’t break a tag. McEvoy and Wingard were shining lights in a dark weekend. Hopefully Birchall isn’t out for too long. #prayforbantz”


Probst 7 - 4

Cuffy continued his surge up the ladder after taking care of Sarge in a competitive battle, which would’ve been closer if it weren’t for injuries which affected Sarge.

Cuffy once again put his faith in Macrae for captaincy which again produced a sub-par score. Cuffy welcomed the return of Coniglio to the line-up which paid immediate dividends with a score of 115. The midfield and forwards were superb, however, the backline was horrendous. Still a good win.

“No need to talk about how crap Sarge is. All hail Shirtrug for getting rid of Max Gawn curse and getting his first win.”

Sarge also welcomed back something.. the return to form of Dangerfield as his captain. Sarge’s backline was in sublime touch with five out of the six scoring over 90. This battle was lost in the rucks though as Sarge had a donut thanks to the omission of Zac Smith. In another blow to Sarge, Mitch Robinson will now miss 10 weeks due to injury.

“Need to stop the rot and get the four points against Horse next week. The Skuxx boys have taken a steep slide into mediocrity as of late and it’s simply not good enough.”


Probst 7 - 5

Padders got a much needed win over Horse who has now slumped to a third straight loss. This was another match-up that was affected by a 0 thanks again to the rucks.

Padders had Rocky do his thing as captain and scored a lazy 167 in the process. The Brisbane v Sydney game was able to net him 467 from Rocky and Buddy alone, nearly a quarter of his total score. The rest of the team let Rocky and Buddy carry the team to victory.

“The only thing shakier than my season is Jaeger O’Meara’s knees.”

Horse was the victim of the lack of ruck stocks in this league after Tom Campbell was again out of the Bulldogs side. Taylor Adams as captain was good scoring 117 and the midfield was on fire with six centuries in the midfield. Horse may have been able to achieve an unlikely victory if his forward line produced more than the trash they dished out. Only one player from the forward line scored over 65.

“Lost for the second straight week due to the inability to have a second ruckman. Bevo’s keenness to ruck Lin Jong is killing my season. #1ruck #wedidn’tlisten


Probst 7 - 6

As we can see from the ladder above, Chiddz and Cuffy are now seperated at the top of the ladder. Luffy and Horse are starting to struggle after strong starts to the season. Shitrug finally got his first win but is still anchored to the bottom of the ladder.

There are mouth-watering match-ups everywhere this week which includes Luffy v Goughy, Shitrug v Padders and Sarge v Horse.

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