The Probst – Who scored over 2200?

Round 15 saw our first score beyond 2200 for the year and three games come down to the wire. The results have separated the ladder as much as it has been at any point through this season.

There were no trades this week as some coaches might be happy with their teams on the road towards the finals.


Probst 15 - 6

Our first match-up was one of the close ones as Horse continued Luffy’s recent worries by defeating him by 51 points. This came down to the last match where Luffy had Johnson, Riewoldt and Steven playing against Neale and Mundy. Riewoldt and Steven turned in stinkers with scores of 54 and 63 respectively which cost the Cramp Lizards dearly.

Horse had GAJ as captain who put in a dominant performance with 127 points. There were only 3 other century scorers for the Stallions. There were some shocking scores in each line but had two of his centuries in the last game to hold Luffy off.

“Mundy and Neale went big and the lesser Duffy went down… Poetry in motion.”

Luffy had Pendlebury as captain who had one of his lowest scoring games of the year with 90. The Cramp Lizards only had three century scorers for the match in a pretty even team performance. Unfortunately, an even performance was below what was required.

“Steven and Roo resigned us to another loss. Lost the unloseable.”


Probst 15 - 5

In the match-up between 1st vs 9th we expected a much bigger margin, but like good teams do they find a way to win, which is what Cuffy was able to achieve against Padders. Going into the last game Cuffy had it all to do as he trailed by 340 points with three players (Montagna, Ross and Walters) to go, whilst Padders had none left. Walters (145) and Montagna (95) scored 347 between them which secured the Super Best Friends the victory.
Cuffy had Dylan Shiel as captain who scored an underwhelming 80. There were 5 century scorers with two of them being above the 140 mark. There were some low scores in there, mainly thanks to injuries to both Hanley and Marchbank which might be hard to manage moving forward.

“Banging down the door of the best season in Probst history after a stirring 7 point win over Padders. Old Seb Ross dragging us over the line again.”
Padders had Rockliff as captain who again scored under 100 for the fourth straight week with 90. Padders had nine players crack the tonne which would normally secure a win in this league, however, a terrible forward line performance and an injury to MacMillan saw Padders fall short.

“Lost my 5th and 6th ‘Gun’ to a season ending injury. Will be hard to replace MacMillan and Boyd’s 60s this week.”


Probst 15 - 4

Bantz cruised to victory over Sarge to the tune of 138 points. This was an 8-point game for these two and with the win that Bantz earned he stayed in touch with the top 4.
Bantz had Treloar as captain who scored an average 98. There were only the five century scorers for the Bant Lords but had a steady team performance with only two scores under 60. The Lords doesn’t mind a bit of Linkin Park as we see his thoughts below…

“Forfeit the game before somebody else takes you out the frame and puts your name to shame. Cover up your face, you can’t run the race, the pace is too fast, you just won’t last.”

Sarge had Danger as his captain who continued his rich vein of fantasy form with a massive 142. This was only one of four centuries for the Skuxx G’s, all of which were above 120. To go with those big scores there were seven scores under 60 which explains the overall low score for Bantz.

“Chance to lock down a top 4 spot goes begging. Bonds’ desire might be on the decline but his team is on the up.”


Probst 15 - 3

Chiddz solidified his top 4 credentials with a close win over Sneanzy whose form has cooled off in recent weeks. The Phil Gilbert’s made a late charge towards the MIPNI’s in the last game with five players against one, however, he was one good score short from really coming close.
Chiddz had Mitchell as captain who backed up his excellent fantasy performance against Collingwood from earlier in the year with a score of 135. There were five other centurions with the biggest being Kane Lambert’s 147. Apart from that another even performance.

“Bantz sitting 2nd.. Same position we won our last Probst from. Ominous signs for the rest of the league.”
Sneanzy can blame this loss on a rare poor game from Merrett as captain with a lowly 78. There were 6 other century scorers. The forward line was the highlight with only one score below 80 and three centuries.

“A loss to Chiddz and his hybrid rat winged dogs hurts almost as much as the time Alex Stokeld chose Mitch Clark over me.”


Probst 15 - 2

So, who was the first team to score beyond 2200? It wasn’t any of the teams above and that only leaves Goughy and Shitrug… and wouldn’t you know it, Shitrug, the league easy beat powered his way to a score of 2238!!

Shitrug had Gibbs as captain who had the biggest score of the week with 160. Shitrug had another 11 players who scored over 100. Only one midfielder didn’t score 100 or more. With a performance like this there might be hope that he can escape winning the Chol in 2017.

“Fighting tooth and nail to avoid the Chol. Gibbs is about to enter the Beaver Hall of Fame. Our only shining light,”
Goughy had Docherty as captain who was superb with his score of 132. The Wiggles had seven centurions, most of which came from the backline. The midfield was pretty average this week, but no matter what he did this week it was never going to be enough to get the win.

“Lost to Rugs by 400. I’ll get back to you next week.”


Probst 15 - 1

Cuffy remains three games clear on top while Chiddz, Horse and Sarge round out the Top 4. Luffy, Sneanzy and Goughy will all be looking for wins this week to make sure finals are a certainty for 2017. Padders now has to win every game from here on in and with a Shitrug win there is now a small chance he can avoid the Chol.

The match of the week will be Cuffy taking on Sarge in a top 4 clash, while Bantz and Sneanzy take on each other.

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