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The Probst – The Sole Survivor is…

The Probst League

The Probst has been run and won for 2017 in what was a high scoring contest. This was the Grand Final people wanted, and Cuffy and Bantz delivered in spades.

The battle of the backlines was tightly fought out, with Cuffy shading Bantz for a six point advantage. The Super Best Friends managed two century scorers to nil and no scores below 70. The Bant Lords had three scores in the 90’s with a low score of 60.

Probst 22 - 5

Bantz dominated the midfield as predicted with some huge scores. Beams as captain scored 138, and had great assistance from Sloane (153), Zorko (125) and Hartung (110). On the flip side, Parker as captain for Cuffy was very disappointing with 87, but did have Grigg’s 153 to carry the midfield into the last game of the round. But was that enough to win him the premiership?

Probst 22 - 4

The Super Best Friends also won the forward line battle by 27 points, despite having four players score below 70. Macrae and Yeo were the predominant reason for the forward line supremacy over the Bant Lords with their 147 & 113 respectively. The Lords didn’t manage any centuries in the forward line, but only had one score below 70 in a consistent scoring line.

Probst 22 - 3

So who is the sole survivor of the Probst in 2017?


Probst 22 - 2

The midfield annihilation by Bantz was enough to secure an 80 point victory. The scoring differential between the two captains was enough to put him over the line despite losing in the forward and defensive lines. This wasn’t a cliff hanger finish unfortunately, with Grigg and Ellis flattering the score line in the last game of the round with some outstanding scores.
Congratulations to The Supreme Bant Lords on claiming The Probst this season!


Probst 22 - 1

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