The Probst – Is someone tanking?

The Probst League

We had the complete opposite of last week with lots of close encounters but not many big scores this week. We only have one team that is now undefeated after top of the table Luffy fell victim to his first lost and Shitrug is still winless and stranded on the bottom of the ladder.

A controversial trade went through this week which has caught the ire of the group with Shitrug parting way with Max Gawn for peanuts to Luffy. The tank has begun even though there’s no benefit to tanking in this league.

Probst 4 - 7

The big trade of the season so far! This will boost Luffy come finals time

On to the match-ups;


Probst 4 - 1


Bantz took down Luffy in a contest that was decided by less than 100 points in a match-up where Luffy had a 0 thanks to the trade with Shitrug.

Bantz had great scores from his mids and backs despite a mediocre Captain’s score from Treloar. However, his forward line was slightly disappointing with no scores above 85.

“Very lucky to win with The Lizards having a shocker. Treloar, sloane, zorko and sidey getting me out of jail again. Hoping to regain Mcveigh soon so I can scrap Gibson”

Luffy has gone from being the highest scorer of the league so far to having the lowest score in the league this week. Even with the 0, he would’ve been disappointed in the performance of the rest of his team with only three century makers and a captains score of 84 from Pendlebury.

“Went from the high of trading Curtly Hampton for Max Gawn to the low of losing to a guy who puts more emphasis on his bant level than his Probst team.”


Probst 4 - 2

Sneanzy took Padders to the cleaners this week by 149 points in a classy display. These coaches were still unreachable this week.

Sneanzy had the highest score of the week and had a big captains score from the good Merrett. There were also some good contributions from Isaac Smith, Goldstein and Roberton.

Padders had the best captains score possible this week with Rocky as his captain but the rest of the team really struggled. The rest of Padders’ midfield struggled with two scores below 45 which won’t win you many matchups.


Probst 4 - 3

In the closest match-up of the week Chiddz scraped home against Sarge in an 8 point thriller. As you would expect, it came down to the Cats v Hawks game. Chiddz had Mitchell (C), Tuohy and Duncan against Sarge’s Danger (C), Langford, Zac Smith and Motlop. Chiddz’s three players managed to outscore Sarge’s four by 35 points, which would’ve left Sarge rather annoyed.
As for the rest of Chiddz’s team there was an outstanding performance from the midfield with no player scoring below 80 and five century scorers. The only worry was his forward line with Caddy and Jesse White underperforming. Caddy is quickly becoming a liability in all fantasy sides.

“Dangerwho?” Another come from behind victory from #thewings. Very mightduckesk*
Sarge was also solid in the midfield but his backline and forward line were his main contributors. Sarge may regret rushing Jamie Elliot back into his side after his score of 34.

“Took a gamble playing Elliott in his first game back. It didn’t pay off and if I had of played Breust over him I would have the win. Devo. Also Langford is dead to me.”


Probst 4 - 4

Another close encounter with Cuffy getting over the line against Goughy by 20 points. In the hawks v cats match-up Cuffy had no players left to play while Goughy had Menegola and Menzel needing 217 points. Unfortunately for Goughy they fell short and Cuffy got the W. This has been the only match-up this year where both players have both captained a non-midfielder.

Cuffy had a solid team performance with Macrae as his captain. Cuffy finally got some higher ceiling scores from his midfield, but was let down by his recently acquired DPP players in Conca and Melksham.

“Parker has lost his captain status and the Besties are back. I’m already stocking up on red cans so I can Harley Bennell myself if I beat Luffy and win the SNES cup next week. Cuff & Luff play for the rights to the Super Nintendo they had when kids during this weeks Rivalry round”
Goughy put the C next to Stef Martin which paid dividends. Goughy also caught a mini break when Cutler went down with injury which allowed Harmes’ score of 94 to count and give him a chance going into the last game. Apart from that the midfield was a little down this week with Menegola’s century the only one in the midfield.

“Mixed feelings for the Wiggles at 2-2. Deeply disappointed in Hannebery and Mills to date. Glad to have Luey, Menegola and Dunkley join the starting lineup since round 1. Keen to get B. Crouch into the team after some strong performances in the Wiggles reserves lineup. Hoping to knock off the Big Horse in the “Battle of the Strategic Masterminds” rivalry round this week to be 3-2 after 5 rounds.”


Probst 4 - 5

In the last match-up of the week it was the battle between the Horse and the Beaver. The Horse charged to the top of the ladder while the beaver sunk even further into mediocrity.
Horse’s midfield was on fire this week with six players topping 100 and also had Taylor Adams in defence as captain scoring 106. Only three sub 60 scores for the week is a good outcome in this league.

“Took the lead early and never looked back. 4 Games in and channeling my inner Winx.”
As for Shitrug, it was a better week than last week but it wasn’t enough to getting close to a win. The forwards and defenders did their part but the midfield didn’t come through with only average scores being produced.

“The team seemed distracted this week on the back of the biggest trade of the year been done. Must win game in rivalry round coming up”


Probst 4 - 6

Horse moves to the top while there is now separation from the top 8 to the bottom 2.

Next week is Rivalry Round with some mouth-watering match-ups to look forward to. Luffy takes on Cuffy, Sarge takes on Sneanzy and Bantz takes on Padders. All of these match-ups loom as early 8 point games.

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