The Probst – Two Teams Bite the Dust

After our first week of finals, two teams had their 2017 seasons ended in elimination finals, whilst two teams have earnt the week off leading into Preliminary final week.


Probst 19-5

In the 1st Qualifying Final, Cuffy got the better of Horse to advance into the prelims in a tightly fought out contest. Horse was leading going into the last match, but the Super Best Friends had the numeric advantage in the lions v eagles game which proved too much for the Stallions. There were injuries on both sides so there are no excuses here for Horse.

Cuffy had Macrae as captain who scored a reasonable 98. There were 5 centurions for the week with Biggs’ 113 the highest score. The backline was superb and the midfield was consistent with the exception of the injury to Blakely. The forward line wasn’t so great, but that’s academic now that the Best Friends have the week off.

Horse had Bontempelli as vice-captain whose score was counted as the captain after another late withdrawal from GAJ. Bontempelli managed a score of 96 which essentially nullified Cuffy’s captain score. There were six century scorers with Taylor Adams being the standout with 151. Like Cuffy, the forward line was subpar with the midfield and defence holding the team up.


Probst 19-4

In the 2nd Qualifying Final Bantz pulled off an upset against Chiddz to secure next week off. This final also came down to the last match of the round with Bantz having Beams and JJK against Chiddz’s Taylor. The Mipni’s needed an early game injury to one of those to get the win, as they both went on to score centuries and overrun Chiddz. Both teams were evenly matched, with captain scores being the noticeable difference.

Bantz had Treloar as captain who has returned to form in recent weeks with a score of 119. There were four other century scorers with Beams’ 144 being the highlight. The backline was disappointing whilst the other lines were a mixed bag.

Chiddz had Mitchell as captain who failed to score above 100 for the first time this year after slumming to 94. There were only three century scorers with Daniher’s 127 the best of them. The Mipni wings’ scoring patterns mirrored the Bant Lords’.


Probst 19-3

In the 1st Elimination Final it was a battle to stay alive in 2017 between 5th and 8th, the former caused another upset to end Luffy’s season. The margin of 63 points was pretty much the same as it was going into the last game as the 2 on 2 battle in the last game ended up in a nil all draw.

Goughy had the ever-reliable Docherty as captain who managed 117. Goughy had an impressive seven other century scorers with Jordan Murdoch’s 131 being the pinnacle.

Luffy had Grundy as captain who just scraped over 100 to make it to 108. Luffy also had seven other century scorers, with Wells scoring a match high 143, but it wasn’t enough to save his season.


Probst 19-2

In the 2nd Elimination Final, Sneanzy easily accounted for Sarge to progress to the semis next week.

The Phil Gilbert’s had Merrett as captain who scored a lowly 82. There were six century scorers in total with Aaron Hall’s 152 the pick of them. No line was a standout, with every line making nice contributions.

Sarge had Danger as captain who fell below 100 for the first time in a while. Despite the low score, the Skuxx G’s still managed five centurions, with Nat Fyfe’s 120 the clear highlight. There were 9 scores below 70 which explains the low score that unfortunately ends Sarge’s season.


Probst 19-1

In the 1st Semi Final, Goughy will be taking on a lame Horse who will be facing an uphill battle to win without a full side after all of his rucks have been dropped and his only hope being Vickery making the final cut. Bantz will be looking on closely to see who he plays the following week.

In the 2nd Semi Final, Chiddz will be looking to avoid being knocked out in straight sets, whilst Sneanzy will be looking to capitilise on his late season momentum to get into the Preliminary Final. Cuffy awaits the winner of this match-up.

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