The Probst – The Winner of The Chol is………

After the results from this round, Cuffy has increased his buffer up the top of the ladder to four games. We had some tight affairs whether they be high or low scoring.

For the second consecutive week we had no trades, Shitrug must have been too busy this week. He and the rest of the league better get busy because this is the last week where trades can be completed for the year.


Probst 16 - 7

In our first match-up Luffy cruised to victory over Shitrug who couldn’t back up his massive score from last week.

Luffy had Pendlebury as captain who has a bit of a form slump and only scored 92 points. After waiting 16 weeks of waiting for Scott Thompson to get a game, he finally did and only scored 33 which has to be bitterly disappointing. The rest of the midfield was solid and the forward line was outstanding. The Cramp Lizards had 10 players surpass the 100 mark with four of them going past the 120 barrier.

“On the verge of a Top 4 berth after easily accounting for Rugs. Need to get back to back wins over the 2 boy band members of the league – Goughy and Chiddz.”

Shitrug had Gibbs as captain who couldn’t quite reach the heights of last week but still scored 117. There was no line that was poor but had seven scores under 60 spread throughout the team. There were six century scorers with Ward being the best with 138.

This loss condemned the Mighty Beavers to finish last on the ladder this year as he is three games behind Padders with only two games to play before finals. We here at Footy Prophet called this one before the start of the season.

“Wife quit her job as the Beavers media manager. Got off the sinking ship before the Chol was a lock… Can’t blame her… Dark days at the Dam.. the darkest of days!”


Probst 16 - 6

In the highest scoring encounter of the week, Cuffy proved too strong in this Top 4 match-up by 52 points. Going into the last match of the round it was a one on one battle between Yeo and Priddis with the latter needing to outscore Yeo by 41 points, however came nowhere near it.

Cuffy had Shiel as captain who scored an average 98 points. The captaincy rotation policy seems to be out the window for the moment. Cuffy had nine players crack the tonne, which mostly came from the midfield and forward line. The only souring moment for this win was the season ending injury to Patrick Cripps.

“Spent the weekend on the Gold Coast strip getting white girl wasted and still had a comfortable win. 4 games clear on top now… BACK 2 BACK BABY!”

Sarge had Danger as captain who was superb on his way to a score of 150. There were five other century scorers for the Skuxx G’s with three of them being over 130. The major reason for the loss this week was the backline with only one score over 80.

“1 step forward… 2 steps back. Young mids didn’t get it done this week. Can be in the 4 if I account for Horse this week… Lock it in.”


Probst 16 - 5

Goughy got back on the winners list against Chiddz who dropped his first game since the byes. This was an important win for Goughy as it strengthened his position in the Top 8 in case Padders makes a late run.

Goughy had Docherty as captain who starred against Melbourne on his way to 152. There were six other century scorers. Apart from Docherty it was a very steady team performance and the Wiggles should be happy with pulling off the upset.

“Crucial win over Chiddz. Still in the race for the Top 4. Need to knock off the lesser Duffy this week and I’m set.”

Chiddz had Mitchell as captain who was almost as dominant as Docherty with his score of 143. Unfortunately for the MIPNI Wings there were only three other centuries with two of them being over 120. There were six scores under 60 and not enough centurions to get close to the win in this one.

“Bant Lords and Luff in the last two weeks, so I should finish second. They are both shit.”


Probst 16 - 4

This match between Bantz and Sneanzy came down to the wire and was decided by the last game of the round. Bantz had three players (McGovern, Wingard and Petrie) against Sneanzy’s four (Ryder, Houston, Sam Gray and Hartlett). The Bant Lords only managed 174 between his three players, whilst the Phil Gilberts made a strong late charge as his four scored 348 points. It wasn’t enough though as Bantz escaped with a 25-point victory.

Bantz pulled the wrong rein on the captaincy this week as Treloar scored a season low of 57 points. This score line would’ve been a lot different had he put Zorko as captain with his score of 180. There were six century scorers in total whilst the forward line put in a poor showing….. The Linkin Park inspired quotes keep coming;

“Things aren’t the way they were before. You wouldn’t even recognise me anymore. Not that you knew me back then but it all comes back to me in the end/”

Sneanzy had Merrett as captain who scored 105 points. There were four other century scorers with three of them being over 120. The Phil Gilberts needed more contributors to get him the extra 26 points required for the win.

“Ever since that prick Sarge announced me in as a lock for the Probst I have lost 4 straight. Serious Alarms… Also, Congrats Cuffy on back to back Probst victories!”


Probst 16 - 3

We’ve saved our worst for last this week as Padders kept his faint finals hopes alive with a scrappy win over Horse. The only excuse Horse has is the late withdrawal of Mundy with no covering emergency.

Padders persists with Rocky as captain who continues to struggle and failed to crack the century mark for the 5th straight week. There were five century scorers but none that are worth a mention. There were some atrocious scores spread across the field. Padders can thank his lucky stars that he played the only team in the league that scored less than him this week.

“Season is still alive… Just! Get past the Beavers this week and it comes down to the last game.”

Horse had Adams as captain who has struggled in the last couple of weeks along with a few of his team mates. There were only two century scorers for the week which was the lowest for the week. The Stallions didn’t have the low scores of Padders but there weren’t enough contributors. Mundy may have got him over the line but that’s debatable.

“No Ablett, Mundy, Jones, Greene and Campbell. Resisted temptation to hit the waiver and stayed strong. Need to stay in the Top 4.”


Probst 16 - 2

Cuffy is now a certainty to finish in 1st place while every other team in the Top 8 except Sneanzy can finish in the Top 4 and secure the double chance. Padders needs everything to go right to make it and Shitrug is our winner of The Chol in 2017.

Next week’s match-ups should all be pretty close as it’s 2v3, 4v5, 6v7 and 9v10. The first three match-ups there have massive ramafications for the final make up of the Top Eight with the finals only two weeks away. Padders will need to beat Shitrug to keep his finals hopes alive and hope that Sneanzy doesn’t pull off an upset against Cuffy.

Probst 16 - 1

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