Prophet’s Profit: Round 15 – Setting your team for finals

The Prophet’s Profit is back with a bang for a 5th year! Here to take you through the ups and down of the fantasy season. The aim of this article is to empower you with knowledge of the current fantasy stock market.

Now is the time in your draft leagues to get down to the business of trading! The sort of players you will be after will be dependent on where you are on the ladder. If you are outside the finals in contention for finals then you should be clearing the decks of all your injured players just trying to beat your opponent each week.

If you are in the finals comfortably then perhaps you can go after those injured players who might be coming back in the next few weeks, before finals. Players like Zac Williams, Jack Viney and Nathan Jones spring to mind as players you could buy for a low price, getting them in while they’re injured.

Whether you’re trying to trade in an injured player, trade one away or otherwise make sure you sell it to the other coach from their point of view. Making the case for why they should do the deal will help your deal get over the line, getting the deal done quickly will allow you to move onto other deals and set your team for the year.

Another thing to remember going into this stage of the season is that teams that can’t reach the finals will start to play their kids more and more. Already last week we saw Jordan DeGoey play a full game in the midfield, and Tom Phillips get plenty of midfield time for the Magpies. Players like Brayden Fiorini and Ben Ainsworth are already getting more of a run for the Gold Coast.

It’s important to keep an eye on these teams that are fading out of finals contention, have a closer look at their reserves results and stats to see which players are going to be thrust into fantasy relevant positions at sides towards the end of the season.

Jack Crisp
Now you might think, why is Jack Crisp being talked about here, he is only an 85 point centre, and is at best a depth centre in most leagues? But if you haven’t been watching Collingwood games of late, let me tell you, he has been playing deep in the backline for the Magpies and is prime for a position change. With a position change to. B-C Crisp becomes a very relevant defender.
Buy Low – Jason Johannisen
The Bulldogs half back has struggled in the last month. This started when teams started to turn their attention to him as the Bulldogs’ playmaker along half back. The success of this tactic led to more teams taking up the chance to tag Johannisen and with that restricting the Bulldogs’ running game off half back. Luke Beveridge and the Dogs coaching staff will surely know that the tagging of Johannisen is restricting their running game, and they’ll be planning for his teammates to help him out and configure ways to mitigate that. For this reason I reckon Johannisen will improve his scoring over the next few weeks.
Buy Low – Bernie Vince
With the loss of Nathan Jones and Jack Viney in recent weeks Melbourne have a gap in their midfield. This may mean Vince will have to help out in the midfield, which might improve his fantasy scores for the next month or so. Worth a buy Low if you’re looking to do a trade.

Any questions on position changes or trades leave a comment in the comments section below.

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