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Smedts seeking more senior football


 Player Name: Billie Smedts

Current Club: Geelong Cats

Potential Club: There’s been next to no public comment on Smedts, expect Geelong to shop Smedts around during the trade period.

The Original Price: Smedts was selected with pick 15 in the 2010 National Draft.

The Good: Although he hasn’t played many games, just 38 in his six-year career, he has the speed, agility and defensive judgement to contribute across half back. At 190cm tall, he’s at a height that makes him quite versatile and a tough matchup, regardless of what end of the ground he’s playing at.

The Bad: He’s played 38 games in six years. He’s also had a wretched run with injuries including two broken legs. Often looks overawed in the clinches, giving up the ball too easily and despite his height being a big positive, he’s extremely light framed, intact he’s the same weight as Lincoln McCarthy who’s much much shorter.

What His Club Wants: You get the feeling that Geelong won’t expect much in return for Smedts, despite spending a first round pick on the 24-year-old. With the future of Corey Enright in doubt and Andrew Mackie ageing quickly, Geelong is in need of established versatile defenders, not dissimilar to Smedts himself.

What He’s Worth: His history with injury and his lack of senior games severely lowers his trade value. Clubs looking for depth won’t be keen to pay too much more than a fourth round draft selection or a fringe player.

What We’d Pay: A mid third-round pick, around 45-50.

Possible Trade Scenarios:

  1. Geelong trade Billie Smedts & pick 38 Carlton for Zach Tuohy.
  2. Geelong trade Billie Smedts & pick 87 to Gold Coast for pick 58.

The Verdict: Smedts isn’t going to be one of the big name players during this trade period. Any deal done will likely be done quietly and late in the piece.

Star Rating: 2.5/5

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