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The world of AFL related media is vast, dynamic and fast paced. If you aren’t engaged on a daily basis, you’re bound to miss something in the flood of news articles, opinion pieces, videos and social media posts – and how relevant are they all to your SuperCoach team anyway? This preseason, we’re solving your problem. Each week we’ll give you our take on the most SuperCoach relevant media.

Round 11: the first week of the dreaded bye rounds. As SuperCoach addicts it’s the one week of the year we agonise more than most. Luckily we’ve been set up with a couple of blockbuster, SuperCoach relevant games this weekend to hopefully compensate. None being bigger than Friday night’s clash between Geelong and Adelaide at Simonds Stadium.


There’s no doubt it’s a big game with loads of anticipation, with both clubs already voicing their intentions of tagging on or two individuals from the opposition’s lethal midfield group. Great.

Tackling bye rounds is something we hate, as is getting the news that some of our big names players are at risk of being shutdown of a tag. This weekend we are lucky to be granted with both. As if this weekend of SuperCoach wasn’t already shaping up to be difficult enough!

It’s clear this news is bigger than just a headline – what will it do to some of our most popular SuperCoach, midfield selections?

According to Lee Gaskin of, the Crows are planning on tagging one of Joel Selwood or their former ally Patrick Dangerfield. Just 8.8% of SuperCoachers have Selwood in their team, while it’s obvious that 64.1% have the latter of the two. The duo are in outstanding form, but if you’re Adelaide you’re going to send someone to Dangerfield for sure.

Not only is he coming off two 150+ SuperCoach point outings in his last two matches but he is also a former Adelaide Crows player. What does this mean you might ask? Well back-track a couple of years to Round three, 2015 – Adelaide vs. Melbourne when Dangerfield was still in Crows colours. That season Bernie Vince was a Demon and that night he held Dangerfield to 16 disposals and a dismal 74 points (for Dangerfield’s standards). Similar, borderline unfair tactics were used against Joel Selwood by Levi Greenwood in Round six this year, a game where Dangerfield also struggled with an output of just 65 points.

In other words, if any team is going to find a way to be able to stop Dangerfield it’s Adelaide. Dangerfield isn’t just facing another team, he’s coming up against former mates: people whom know him well. It’s renowned knowledge that if you’re going to stop Dangerfield you need to get under his skin and make him react in a way that he does so irregularly. Ultimately, you would be stupid not to assume the Crows will do the same, if they’re serious about beating the Cats on their home deck.

On the flipside, Scott Selwood is a recognised tagger in the league and a good one at that – watch out Rory Sloane owners. Sitting in 14.6% of teams, Sloane may be another player at risk of causing disaster in an already disastrous weekend of SuperCoach.

Simply, Scott Selwood is in the Geelong side to predominantly play as a tagger and given Sloane’s return to form, Selwood is every chance to be standing side by side Sloane from start to finish on Friday night. His brother and Geelong captain, Joel, has predicted that he’ll spend time on Sloane at various times during the game. Having laid 17 tackles in each of his two games this year, the younger Selwood is the man for the job.

North Melbourne’s Sam Gibson (held Sloane to 80 SuperCoach points) and Bernie Vince (70) have already shown how much of an impact a tag has on Sloane this year and that’s something Geelong will have already recognised. Basically, yes, it’s a big, big worry for any one of the 29,713 teams that manage to have Sloane in their side’s.

Ultimately, the tag is set to have a massive impact. The bye rounds make this week hard enough as it is, however selecting a captain may be even harder with two commonly owned, big names set to have their impact nullified on Friday night. Then again, that’s why the SuperCoach gods gave us the beauty of the captain’s loophole.


If you read SuperCoach Paige‘s ‘Bubble Boys & Breakevens‘ article this week you would’ve noticed a plethora of Crows and Geelong players featured in the piece.

Simply, there’s a lot to be excited about for both these teams from a SuperCoach perspective in the coming weeks.

The most obvious is young Crow Hugh Greenwood who has taken the AFL world by storm with scores of 104 and 72 in his first two games of senior football. This week he’s set for a $87k price rise with a very low breakeven of -107. Set for more minutes in Adelaide’s midfield, Greenwood is set for even bigger performances in the weeks to come and certainly presents himself as a worthy inclusion for your team this week.

Similarly, Cat Scott Selwood has been outstanding with two 100+ point scores in his two games for the year. With 17 tackles in both games, Selwood has launched himself into SuperCoach calculations, however may still be a big risk given his tendency to play a tagging role. Despite being set for a $69k price rise, it could be smart to hold off until after Geelong’s bye in Round 12.

Fellow Geelong player Jordan Cunico made his debut and is another one to keep an eye on. With the Cats’ bye next week, he firms as a great downgrade option to bring in post-Round 12. His 49-point display on debut is less great, however his midfield/forward dual-position status is a plus.

All three firm as worthy players to keep an eye on, on Friday night and add to the SuperCoach relevance that this game ultimately brings.

Not only is it a game for bubble boys but Elliott Himmelberg, Harrison Wigg and Wiley Buzza have all been performing well at the second level and could be given a chance to debut on the big stage.

It’s more than just any other game for us. There’s no doubt you, like myself, will be watching agonisingly as to whether Dangerfield and Sloane can break their tags, and whether the boys on the bubble can do enough to justify an inclusion to my team – making my SuperCoach prospects for the remainder of the season much more comfortable than they are now.

In other words – Geelong versus Adelaide is not a game to miss for any SuperCoach fanatic like myself.

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