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Lance Franklin

Price: $514,600
Position: FWD
SuperCoach Average: 114

“He certainly deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as those guys.”

That was John Longmire’s response when he was questioned whether his superstar forward Lance Franklin was as good as the greats from the bygone era: Carey, Lockett, Dunstall and Ablett.

It’s pretty rare that we’re already discussing a player’s credentials as one of the game’s all-time best, especially when he still has 6 years to run on his contract, but this guy is something special.

Who would’ve thought that the young lad who grew up 160km north of Perth, who arrived on the scene as a raw and wiry teenager would transform into a man who is the sport’s most recognisable figure, a man who broke contract records and a man whose legend makes him one of the most influential indigenous athletes from our country.

This week, Buddy will reach the 250 game milestone. Wow. That went quick, didn’t it? (As Bruce McAvaney would say in yet another rhetorical question). And judging by the length of his contract, there’s plenty more to come.

If you ever needed a reminder to how good Buddy really is, all you needed to do was watch his 5-minute surge in last week’s loss to the reigning premiers at Etihad Stadium. After a relatively subdued opening half, the spearhead ignited the Swans hopes with a run along the wing, followed by a searing left-foot drop punt which was drilled through for 6 points. Just moments later, the superstar took a mark just within range, and the crowd simultaneously lifted in anticipation. In his trademark style, Buddy then arced around to his left and graciously launched the Sherrin through the big sticks again to send the Swans fans into a frenzy. The average player simply wouldn’t have the confidence, composure or sheer skill to do what Buddy did. And that’s why this Buddy special is what makes Buddy special.

In the midst of your adoration for this herculean athlete, it may be worth noting his relevance in Fantasyland. In the opening fortnight of the 2017 season, Franklin has converted dual 4-goal hauls into scores of 125 and 103. Although it is a small sample size, the 106kg forward looks incredibly fit and agile, racking up the ball at 20 disposals per game. What’s more is that his scores have both come in losses. Surely he can go even better as the Swans start to play some better footy?

At such a crucial stage of the season, you want blokes in your team who will maximise your potential to pump out big SuperCoach scores. Franklin has the runs on the board, and you can rest assured that a monster score is not too far around the corner. And it could happen this Friday night against the Pies.

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