SuperCoach Scout – Replacing Pendlebury

Scott Pendlebury

Price: $497,600
Season Average: 106.7
Status: Injured

The Collingwood skipper has been a set and forget player for as long as I can remember in SuperCoach. His consistent performances and breakout performances led to him being the most owned player year in, year out. Unfortunately, Pendlebury has had his 2017 season cut short after undergoing two surgeries on a broken finger. His ownership peaked at 25.5% not so long ago, with more bad news this week we have no choice but to find a replacement. Considering all things; ownership, price, run home, form and more – we’ve put together a handful of the very best options out there. No messing around here, time to get this one right.

Dustin Martin | $570,300 | Avg. 116.5 | 39.1% Ownership

Run Home (Last three against)

GC: 167, 123, 102
Haw: 115, 114, 97
Gee: 97, 113, 95
Fre: 105, 133, 97
STK: 74, 82, 93

Martin is currently in career best form, there’s just no denying it. Put it simply, if you’ve got the money to spend then he’s worth every penny. The million-dollar man is very hard to tag, he’s been stopped just once this year in round four against the Lions (54 points). When looking at his worth as an ultra-premium, this is a guy who has scored over 118 nine times this season, and five of those over 144. That gives you just another Captain option for the run home. Looking at his remaining games, if the Tigers are to snatch top four then Martin will need to keep this domination up – he’ll get you the victory in those crucial SuperCoach finals at the right time. You can count on him to be consistent, as well as exploding for huge figures.

Tom Mitchell | $620,500 | Avg. 118.3 | 27.7% Ownership

Run Home

Syd: 105
Ric: 71, 126, 49
NM: 178, 109, 91
Car: 81, 133, 97
WB: 60, 110, 78

A much more expensive player, but I’d be workshopping players if this guy wasn’t in my team already, his SuperCoach scoring ability in 2017 has been exceptional. If you haven’t done any research before, Mitchell has dropped under triple figures once out of 17 games. You know what you’ll get with him, and recently he’s been stepping it up, averaging 130 from his last three encounters. His history against the upcoming teams isn’t great because we need to remember Mitchell hasn’t played a lot of footy. His most career games against any side is half a dozen. Like Martin, he has managed to post some big scores on the board, but his consistency within the 100-120 range is unheard of.

Zach Merrett | $570,300 | Avg. 112.1 | 16.6% Ownership

Run Home

WB: 132, 82, 61
Car: 98, 90, 141
Ad: 120, 92, 30
GC: 113, 114, 106
Fre: 133, 128, 84

After a perfect breakout year in 2016 where he went from averaging 88 across 17 games to 111 from 22, Merrett has taken no backwards step as his side shot back up the ladder. Some were concerned about if all the returning Bombers would affect his score, with just 3.5% of teams starting with the young gun. He would soon make us look foolish. Merrett has scored in double digits six times this season, however, these scores read 98, 83, 89, 87, 92 and 98 – far from dismal for a fourth-year player. The kid also knows what it takes to post something big, with seven scores over 118. Gives yet another captain option to your SuperCoach midfield, and does it with pure consistency. Considering his uniqueness, Merrett is a brilliant replacement, should dominate teams in his run home.

Lachie Neale | $529,600 | Avg. 110.5 | Ownership 9.5%

Run Home

GWS: 124, 154, 110
GC: 92, 109, 117
Syd: 112, 45, 86
Ric: 129, 148, 63
Ess: 147, 138, 133

A cheaper option to the trio previously mentioned, nor the most owned, don’t let that fool you. Neale is also super consistent, and if you remove the game where Fremantle basically missed the bus to Adelaide in Round 10 (55 points), then his lowest scores are in the 80’s and 90’s. Neale had a period between rounds four to nine where he averaged 132 points a game – this guy’s ceiling is much higher than people think. 103 people have already made the switch from Pendlebury, will you? Also, averages 112 against the team he faces in the final round (SuperCoach GF week).

Rory Sloane | $475,500 | Avg. 110 | Ownership 17.3%

Run Home

Col: 103, 134, 112
PA: 168, 81, 93
Ess: 124, 141, 145
Syd: 137, 75, 122
WC: 114, 112, 112

The cheapest option of the group, teams will continue to tag him and therefore you must be careful here. We know he can explode, eight scores over 119 tells that tail. Yet his inconsistency when shut down is a huge worry. Collingwood this week will tag him and Levi Greenwood will probably do a decent job on him. Let’s hope he reacts better to this and deliver you crucial points. IF you don’t have the cash/trades, go for it, he’s your best bet around Pendlebury’s current price range.

Unique Option

Mitch Duncan is averaging 107 for the season and 119 in his last three, he’s in career best form and is owned by just 1.6% of teams. This guy deserves some credit, much more reward than risk here.

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