SuperCoach Waiver Wire – Round 1

SuperCoach Draft players know all too well that the start of the week can be just as important as the weekend itself. SuperCoach Waiver Claims can often dictate your next week’s results, whether by potentially securing a Free Agent on a hot streak who doesn’t perform the next week or grabbing a POD player who you know tends to score big against his upcoming opposition. Each week this article will provide a snapshot of players who are currently performing and likely available on your Waiver Wire, no matter what size league you compete in.


Steven May (123), Caleb Marchbank (97) and Lee Spurr (110) had plenty of work to do in Round 1 and that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. Gold Coast lose some class with Pearce Hanley heading back to Ireland on compassionate leave so May will continue to be busy. Now the Co-Captain on the club he’ll look to set an example with ball in hand, not just with his physicality. Marchbank looked comfortable in Carlton’s back six and allowed Jacob Weitering to play as a forward, a move that was successful. Spurr was solid in a team that has improved but not enough. He led the game for intercept possessions.

Zak Jones (95) was spoken about in SuperCoach circles a lot during the pre-season with a touted move into Sydney’s midfield. Although he didn’t attend many centre bounces, the bulk of his possessions were on the wing which suggests he may get more opportunity going forward.

Shannon Hurn (103) and Andrew Mackie (110) are two veterans worth considering. While they didn’t play against top 4 sides, they were switched on and invested in the game and found plenty of the football. They’d both be worthy adds in smaller leagues.


Rory Atkins (116) finished 2016 well and had a stellar pre-season so it’s no surprise that he’s started the year with a bang. He’s a hard worker, playing in the forward half, who tackles well and puts himself in the right positions. He’s also one of Adelaide’s most used avenues to goal – he had 10 i50s in Round 1 – and with the Crows’ potent attack, he’s bound to continue scoring big SuperCoach points.

Stephen Hill (124) looks to be attending more center bounces this year and was second only to David Mundy in clearances yesterday. If Fremantle can continue to get the balance between inside and outside right with Hill, he’ll continue to amass big SuperCoach scores, thanks in no small part to his clearance work and scoring assists.

Jarryd Lyons (81) had high expectations placed on him from SuperCoachers and perhaps didn’t live up to them in his first game for new club, Gold Coast, although neither did the Suns, going down to Brisbane. His 20 disposals didn’t set the world on fire, in fact he had the most clangers in the game, but three important goals saw him finish with a respectable SuperCoach score. With Hanley out of the Suns’ side indefinitely, Lyons should be given more responsibility around the ground.

Darcy Parish (79) proved that there’ll be no “second-year blues” where he’s concerned in a hard fought win over Hawthorn. He’s not ready to rack up big tons just yet but he’ll be more than serviceable, year round. Chris Masten (83) likewise, he’s in a star-studded and very deep midfield at West Coast but is the consummate professional. He’ll find a way to net your SuperCoach team a solid 80 points each week.


 Toby Nankervis (114) had a club debut for the ages. He didn’t win the hitouts against Matthew Kreuzer but he kicked a couple of crucial goals, tackled and put body on hard, and won a few clearances. Won’t relinquish the number one ruckman position at Richmond for a long time and is a safe bet in your draft team.

Rhys Stanley (90) is another one who definitely didn’t win the hitout count. In fact he had less than Fremantle’s secondary ruckman, Jon Griffin. What he did do well though was make an impact around the ground and I’d expect that to continue no matter which ruckman he faces. 14 disposals, five marks, six tackles, and he was top five on the ground for pressure acts, that is what he can bring each week and if he does, he’ll score well.


Sam Reid (100) played alongside Lance Franklin inside forward 50 in his return game and kicked three goals against a Port Adelaide outfit that had come to play. He didn’t find a lot of the football but he made his presence felt, if he remains fit and the Sydney midfield improve as we expect them to, he’s going to kick goals every week.

Shaun McKernan (97) was upgraded from the rookie list to take over the ruck duties from the injured Matthew Leuenberger. Essendon can’t ask much more of the versatile tall; He had 27 hitouts, 17 disposals and kicked a goal. The question remains whether he fits in Essendon’s best 22 when Tom Bellchambers and Leuenberger are fit but if he keeps playing the way he is now, he simply can’t be left out. 97 SuperCoach points could well become the norm for McKernan.

Will Hoskin-Elliott (88) was impressive in his club debut for Collingwood. Unexpectedly played more in the back half than the forward line and racked up 22 disposals pushing up through the half-back/wing area. Took eight marks and pushed forward to kick a goal as well. A promising start and it’s well worth monitoring his role.



Jason Castagna (96), Andrew McGrath (83), Harris Andrews (83) and Jayden Hunt (78) were all strong contributors in their side’s big Round 1 win and although young, are all well entrenched in their team’s best 22. McGrath as the only first-year player in the group may be rested at some stage during the year and has been eluded to by Essendon coach, John Worsfold, but he’s still a good add in a deep league. Hunt and Castagna’s role will always be SuperCoach friendly and would be good additions to your backline.


Sam Powell-Pepper (78) is built like a brick outhouse and doesn’t play like a first-year player. He’s confident, full of swag and his body will hold up well to the rigours of AFL football. Expect him to play the majority of the season and find enough of the football to contribute a solid score each week.

Connor Blakely (83) is a ball winner that isn’t quite spending enough time in areas that allow him to win the ball. To be fair it’s a tough midfield to crack in to with Nat Fyfe, Lachie Neale and David Mundy doing a lot of the grunt work, but Blakely is young and has plenty of time. Regardless I’d expect Fremantle coach, Ross Lyon to increase his workload as the season goes on.

Billy Stretch (91) is playing as a genuine link up player through the wing for Melbourne and is finding plenty of the ball. If he can bring his kick to handball ratio a bit closer to 50:50 his SuperCoach scores could go through the roof. Well worth sitting on your bench as Melbourne look to take 2017 by storm.

Rohan Bewick (71), George Horlin-Smith (73) and David McKay (110) were all good in their respective matches. Bewick is actually playing in the back half and leading Brisbane’s group of young defenders but with the ball expected to be in that area of the ground a lot, he’ll find a heap of the football. Horlin-Smith didn’t quite live up to the high expectations he’d set in the JLT Community Series but he did enough to retain his position in the side and build up some form. McKay went at 90% efficiency for his 20 disposals, second only to Tom Lynch for Adelaide and although he is unlikely to go at the same rate all season, the fact that he’s finding the ball and hitting the scoreboard – he kicked one goal – is an excellent sign.


Jon Griffin (79) did his fair share of the ruck work alongside Aaron Sandilands and clunked a few good marks in the forward line. He earnt himself a couple of shots on goal but his kicking let him down. If he can convert those chances, he could push his SuperCoach score up above 90.

Nathan Vardy (51) was good for West Coast, he and Drew Petrie took on giants, Todd Goldstein and Braydon Preuss. While he didn’t win the ruck battle, he found enough of the ball around the ground as a result of his athleticism. A SuperCoach score of 51 is hardly amazing but his effort was encouraging. If you need to add a ruckman to your draft team, Vardy’s job security is looking pretty good for the next few months and I’d expect him to grow in confidence the more games he gets into his body.


Mitch Hannan (96) and Dan Butler (96) were the big surprise packets of the round. Both rookie priced in SuperCoach Classic, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of them this weekend. They were quick, aggressive and looked to hit the scoreboard and a SuperCoach score of 96 for each of them is great reward for effort. They’ve certainly earned their position in their respective teams for the short term future and if they keep performing as they did in Round 1 they’ll start taking the field for your draft team too.

 Ed Langdon (78) and Lincoln McCarthy (92) faced off in Perth on Sunday night and both hit the scoreboard. Although McCarthy kicked more goals (3), Langdon spent more time in the middle of the ground. It’s all about forward pressure through tackles for McCarthy while remaining a dangerous target himself. For Langdon, it’s finding the ball in the center and drifting forward to hit the scoreboard. While both are good options, Langdon is likely to be more consistent and McCarthy should have a higher ceiling.

Eric Hipwood (91) will be a star. He’s got a good set of hands, doesn’t mind a contested mark and can hit the scoreboard. He scored 91 SuperCoach points from just 12 disposals and two goals on Saturday night and could comfortably repeat that feat against any team in the competition.



  1. Bingo

    March 28, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Plowman doesn’t get a mention with 103?

  2. Myles

    March 27, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Polec or Blakey for a fantasy league as a bench midfielder , thanks

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