TAC Cup Wrap: Round 13


Oakleigh Chargers sit a game clear at the top of the ladder after Round 13, having 11 wins and a 169%. Geelong Falcons sit below them, and the Chargers will want to keep that game distance heading towards finals. The ladder has become very separated, with 5th placed Dandenong Stingrays
sitting three games clear of 6th placed Northern Knights. The race for finals is becoming less and less congested, but it remains to be seen which teams exactly will sit where.

Dandenong Stingrays (14.5.89) defeated Northern Knights (8.12.60) – Sat 15th July, Shepley Oval

Goal Kickers: R. D’Arcy 4, L. Davies – Uniacke 2, A. Bonar, F. Bayne, J. Taylor, J. Nanscawen, R. Bowman, J. Plumridge , L. Young, T. Dekoning
Best Players: O. Clavarino, J. Davies, R. D’Arcy, A. Paterson, L. Davies – Uniacke, M. Riordan

Goal Kickers:
 P. Naish 2, P. Della Rocca 2, N. Coffield, O. Wilson, M. Harman, S. Binion
Best Players: O. Wilson, A. Federico, M. Baker, P. Della Rocca, T. McKenzie, R. Bowkett

The Stingrays had a commanding win against the Knights at home, in what was an important game for the makeup of the finals. Leading by 40 at three quarter time, the Knights kicked a couple of late goals. The Knights will be wondering what could have been, given their inaccurate kicking, actually registering one more score than the Stingrays (20-19).

For the Stingrays, Luke Davies-Uniacke had 14 contested possessions amongst 21 disposals, as well as taking four marks in a good midfield performance. For the Knights, Oliver Wilson had 20 disposals, seven marks and a goal, and roamed all around the ground.

Gippsland Power (6.6.42) defeated by Eastern Ranges (13.18.96) – Sat 15th July, Morwell Recreation Reserve

Goal Kickers:
 A. Hodge, K. Reid, C. Jiath, S. Masterson, X. Duursma, W. Leslie
Best Players: X. Duursma, W. Leslie, K. Drew, C. McKeon, N. Hogan, K. Reid

Goal Kickers:
 A. Cerra 3, J. Ross 2, D. Moore 2, J. Lynch, J. Garner, T. North, J. Stephenson, K. Urquhart, T. Mynott
Best Players: A. Cerra, D. Moore, J. Garner, J. Ross, H. Nolan, T. Mynott

The Power will rue their performance, with a disappointing effort at home seeing them comprehensively beaten by the Ranges. The Power were beaten in each of the first three quarters, before narrowly edging out the last quarter (at which point it was way too late).

Callum Porter had 25 touches in the midfield, and was a standout for the Power, with seven clearances and five tackles in an all-round consistent effort. For the Ranges, Adam Cerra had 24 touches and three goals, in a clearly best-on-ground performance.

Sandringham Dragons (15.10.100) defeated Bendigo Pioneers (11.5.71) – Sat 15th July, Trevor Barker Oval

Goal Kickers: N. Murphy 3, C. Constable 3, H. Mclean 2, I. Morrisby 2, W. Walker, J. Bakes, J. Amartey, A. Brayshaw, A. Trusler
Best Players: N. Murphy, C. Constable, A. Brayshaw, W. Walker, H. Mclean, J. Amartey

Goal Kickers:
 W. Donnan 3, L. Davis 3, A. Byrne 2, M. Harvey, R. Turner, C. Sheahan
Best Players: K. Betson, M. Harvey, K. Farrell, J. Warde, W. Donnan, A. Mertz

The Dragons lead comfortably all game against the Pioneers, and were clearly the dominant team, having 25 scoring shots to 16. The win meant that the Dragons were able to keep pace with the Bushrangers and the Stingrays, with all three teams currently sitting on nine wins.

For the Dragons, Nathan Murphy was judged best on ground, kicking three goals, as well as having 17 touches. Meanwhile, for the Pioneers, Matthew Harvey had 27 touches and a goal, as well as six inside 50s to provide some penetration.

Geelong Falcons (14.22.106) defeated Western Jets (8.6.54) – Sun 16th July, Central Reserve

Goal Kickers: G. Miers 5, L. Noble 4, D. Handley 2, B. Cockerill, C. Parish, A. Garner
Best Players: C. Parish, L. Noble, J. Henderson, J. Worpel, G. Miers, C. Idun
Goal Kickers:
 J. Noonan 3, B. Souter 2, J. Hazik, T. Xerri, J. Haddara
Best Players: L. Fogarty, X. O”Halloran, N. Stuhldreier, J. Mould, C. Thar, Z. Butters

The Falcons blew the Jets off the park in the 2nd quarter to set up a commanding 52 point win. The scoreboard flattered the Jets, with wayward kicking preventing the margin being closer to 100. Whilst the Falcons won the 2nd and 4th quarters by 42 and 25 points respectively, they also kicked 10.15 in these two quarters, and will look to fix up their accuracy next week.

For the Falcons, Cassidy Parish continued to push his claim for a first-round selection in this year’s draft. He gathered 33 touches and a goal, as well as 16 contested possessions, and will have impressed the scouts. For the Jets, Lachlan Fogarty had 27 touches, including 21 kicks in a big midfield effort.

Murray Bushrangers (15.8.98) defeated by Calder Cannons (15.17.107) – Sun 16th July, Deakin Reserve

Goal Kickers: D. Johnston 6, Z. Barzen 3, J. Trotter, N. Murray, J. Richards, J. Butts, J. Lane, J. Wilson
Best Players: D. Johnston, B. Paton, J. Lane, R. Bruce, W. Donaghey, N. Murray

Goal Kickers:
 J. Velissaris 3, M. Moustafa 3, A. Tilley 3, D. Landt 2, M. Podhajski, B. Caluzzi, B. Bernacki, S. Skidmore
Best Players: N. Balta, B. Bernacki, J. Firebrace, A. Tilley, P. Mahoney, M. Podhajski
The Bushrangers lost in a nailbiter, and will be disappointed after they led by 29 at the first break. A seven to two goal first quarter saw the Bushrangers poised to run away with the game, before the Cannons fired and went into the main break up by a goal. Tied at the last change, the Cannons scraped by, and will be looking to fix up their goalkicking for next week.

For the Bushrangers, Jessy Wilson had 16 kicks and eight handballs, as well as a goal, in a very good forward performance. For the Cannons, Noah Balta had 17 contested possessions, and 31 disposals in total. He also had eight hitouts, and further demonstrated his versatility – whilst also earning the honours of being the Footy Prophet TAC Cup Player of the Week.


Greater Western Victoria Rebels (7.7.49) defeated by Oakleigh Chargers (14.13.97) – Sun 16th July, Mars Stadium

Goal Kickers: T. Berry 2, I. Johnson, A. Domic, J. Johnston, L. Essenwanger, N. McRoberts
Best Players: A. Domic, J. Johnston, F. Appleby, T. Reed, T. Berry, M. Bishop

Goal Kickers:
 D. Scala 5, C. Thompson 2, N. Reeves 2, J. Higgins 2, P. Bohan, J. Troiani, S. Harte
Best Players: E. Richards, D. Scala, J. Higgins, N. Reeves, H. Longbottom, M. King

The Chargers claimed top spot this week, off the back of a huge third quarter that set up a great win away from home. Going into the main break, the Rebels only trailed by four points, before the Chargers kicked 8.6 to 1.0 and never looked back.

For the Rebels, Aiden Domic had 15 kicks and six handballs, as well as a goal, but couldn’t bring enough of his teammates with him. For the Chargers, goal sneak Daniel Scala kicked five, whilst Jack Higgins dominated with 20 contested possessions and 11 clearances, and was interviewed post match for FP.


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