TAC Cup Scouting Notes: Dragons Slayed by Pioneers


Bendigo’s Kane Farrell            Photo: Peter Weaving via Bendigo Advertiser

The Bendigo Pioneers recorded their second win of the season with a win over the Sandringham Dragons. The Pioneers lead at every change and really never looked like losing the game at any stage. The Dragons were at times undisciplined and gave away easy goals through 50-metre penalties and free kicks down the ground. The overuse of handball in the back half by the Dragons allowed the Pioneers to pressure the ball carrier and create turnovers. Both sides had a number of key players out due to school football commitments, however, there were still some key players to look at.


Angus Schumacher | Bendigo Pioneers

Mid | 16/03/1999 | 189cm | 76kg

Schumacher put together a very solid display after missing a week through injury. Starting in the mid field and also playing off half back he collected a lot of the ball driving the Pioneers forward. Schumacher, whilst not getting too many clearances was still  dominant player for the Pioneers often dropping back into defence to help outnumber the Dragon forwards. He generally used the ball better than in previous weeks and used his hands to better effect. A tall mid, Schumacher appears to be improving his game.


Lewin Davis | Bendigo Pioneers

Mid/Fwd | 11/10/1999 | 181cm | 71kg

Davis has enjoyed a good start to the season playing as a wing and half forward flanker and often hitting the scoreboard. He was much quieter on the weekend, however, he possibly took the mark of the season on the goal line for the Pioneers before kicking a goal. Davis is a good user of the ball by foot but needs to bring others into the game with his hands. He has some real pace but needs to become a more consistent performer within games.


Kane Farrell | Bendigo Pioneers

Mid | 17/03/1999 | 180cm | 72kg

Farrell is regarded as one of the best kicks in the TAC Cup, with a penetrating left foot. He played through the middle and also off half back on the weekend. I feel that he has developed a much better ‘inside’ game and has got much stronger in and around the contest. Whilst his kicking wasn’t great on the weekend he certainly played well enough to enhance his reputation and draft stocks. A more balanced kick to handball ratio could help him progress even further.

Hamish Brayshaw | Sandringham Dragons

Mid | 09/02/1998 | 187cm | 88kg

Brayshaw attempted to lift his team with a very good game in the midfield for the Dragons. Brayshaw has a terrific work ethic and toiled hard all day against a dominant Bendigo Pioneers midfield. He still needs some polish on his disposals at times, however, this is often difficult to do as a midfielder as he is under pressure in and around the clearances. Hitting the scoreboard would certainly enhance his draft stocks as the season progresses.


Hayden McLean | Sandringham Dragons

Fwd | 20/01/1999 | 197cm | 93kg

I liked McLean’s game as he moved well in the Dragons forward line and presented well. He also tried hard to bring others into the game with some good linking handballs. He looks like a classy player and perhaps he still needs to work on covering more ground during a game. He is a good size and his marking is a strong suit. No doubt that he will be picked up in the draft and looks to have a bright future ahead.


Aaron Trusler | Sandringham Dragons

Fwd | 31/12/1999 | 170cm | 67kg

Trusler has been lively as a forward all season and he showed why he is gaining a reputation as a damaging player again on the weekend. Trusler kicked two really nice goals and has pace, good game sense and anticipates scoring opportunities quickly. Trusler has the tools to be a damaging small/medium forward and if he continues to hit the scoreboard he will no doubt gain some interest. He will also benefit from a stronger Sandringham team after school football commitments.



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