TAC Cup Scouting Notes: Rebels finish year on a high against disappointing Pios


The Greater  Western Victorian Rebels proved that they are the best side outside the 8 with a convincing victory against a disappointing Bendigo Pioneers outfit that included stars Jarrod Brander, Brent Daniels, Lochie O’Brien and Kane Farrell. The Rebels led from start to finish and consigned the Pioneers to the ‘Wooden Spoon’ after they suffered their tenth consecutive defeat. The Rebels simply used the conditions better and ran the ball well into the wind, using the short ‘Hit Up’ kick effectively.



Aiden Domic  ( 17 Kicks, 7 Handballs, 24 disposals, 1 Goal) 185 cm, 71 kg

Domic once again showed he is a player that should be well and truly in the mix when the draft comes around. Although he didn’t play Nationals, Domic has hit a rich vein of form in recent weeks. A well built player with a turn of pace, Domic roamed the wing against the Pioneers and linked well with his teammates. He is a good overhead mark and has a good skill set that enables him to impact the game most weeks.

Matty Lloyd (18 kicks, 5 handballs, 23 disposals) 185 cm, 75 kg

Lloyd played a very solid game through the midfield on the weekend. He was prepared to work the length of the ground and had four inside 50’s and five rebound 50’s, indicating his willingness to work hard for his team. Lloyd has a well balanced game and provided great drive for his team on the weekend. He uses the ball well under pressure with his kicking highly effective in difficult conditions on Saturday.

Jordan Johnston (16 Kicks, 2 handballs, 18 disposals, 1 goal) 184 cm, 76 kg

Johnston played another good game on the weekend and is a player that could be in the draft mix later in the year. A very dangerous player around goals, Johnston spent more time through the midfield on the weekend as he has done over the last half of the season. Johnston proved that he is a good clearance player winning five against the Pioneers. He has improved his work rate and similar to Lloyd was prepared to work the length of the ground. Johnston has developed a very good all round ground that can see him play in almost any position.

Callan Wellings ( 18 Kicks, 10 handballs, 28 disposals, 1 goal) 181 cm, 71 kg

Wellings has had terrific season as a 19-year-old, often leading the disposals for his team and Saturday was no different. He is prepared to win his own ball and had a massive 16 contested possessions in the midfield against the Pioneers. He was also able to claim six clearances and propel his team forward from stoppages. Wellings also showed that he can hit the scoreboard with one goal.

Dale Cox (9 Kicks, 7 Handballs,  16 disposals, 2 Goals)  176 cm, 68 kg

Cox was a lively presence in the Rebels forward line on the weekend, causing headaches for the Pioneers defence. He was good in the air and especially at ground level. Cox is quick, skilful and very dangerous around goal. He is prepared to give off to teammates in better positions and as a result, he had two score assists as well. Cox is also prepared to pressure opposition defenders in his forward 50.

Flynn Appleby ( 7 kicks, 1 handball, 8 disposals)186 cm, 80 kg

For the third consecutive week, Appleby had the better of a highly regarded opponent, this time highly touted key forward, Jarrod Brander. Appleby was helped by a midfield that was prepared to put pressure on forward entries. Nevertheless, his composure under pressure and with ball in hand was first class. He has built a reputation as a very good TAC Cup defender and has draftable attributes despite not being invited to any of the combines. He is certainly worth a rookie spot on a list

Bendigo Pioneers

Lochie O’Brien (12 kicks, 14 Handballs, 26 disposals, 1 Goal) 184 cm, 75 kg

O’Brien returned to some better form on the weekend after having some injury concerns a few weeks ago. He appeared to have his run and carry game back and pushed hard forward when the Pioneers were attacking. Stationed predominately at Half back, O’Brien pumped the ball into the Pioneers forward 50 on six occasions, as well as kicking a nice goal. O’Brien was often found winning the contested ball and some of his runs down the ground were a highlight for the Pioneers team.

Brent Daniels (8 Kicks,11 Handballs, 19 disposals, 1 Goal)172 cm, 70 kg

Daniels played yet another solid game on the weekend, showcasing his draftable attributes. A quick small sized dynamo, Daniels loves to run and carry the ball, running through the lines to give his forwards opportunities. He kicked a very nice goal on the run and his delivery into the forward half was excellent. Daniels is also very efficient around stoppages, winning seven clearances for his team.

Kane Farrell (15 Kicks, 3 Handballs, 18 disposals 1 goal) 180 cm, 72 kg

Farrell had another good performance on the weekend. Playing as a high half forward with stints through the midfield, he changed his game to suit the contested style of the game. In the past he has been seen as a finisher for the Pioneers, however, on Saturday he won a majority of his ball in the contest. An elite kick, Farrell only went at 33 percent by foot , however, this was due to his high rate of contested possessions. Farrell appears to be developing a more rounded game.

Darby Henderson (14 kicks, 13 handballs, 27  disposals) 177 cm, 74 kg

Henderson once again led the disposal count on the weekend, as he has done for most of the season. His game has become more contested as evidenced by his eight tackles. Henderson was at the coal face feeding out hands from the contest and generally kicking well in the conditions. His ability to take punishment in contested situations was a highlight. The competitions highest possession winner could be a rookie chance later in the year.

Mitchell Kemp ( 10 Kicks, 8 Handballs, 18 Disposals) 187 cm, 67 kg

Kemp has had a good season, developing his game the deeper the season went. The older brother of bottom age AIS member Brodie, he is very good in the air, has pace and is prepared to defend with intent. Kemp rebounded the ball well from half back and managed to get the ball inside the forward 50 four times on the weekend. He has some likeable traits, however, he would benefit from becoming stronger over the summer.


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