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TAC Cup Scouting Notes – Round 5 – Calder Cannons v Geelong Falcons




The Falcons got off to an absolute flyer with Oscar Brownless hitting the scoreboard in the first two minutes. The Falcons continued with their early dominance, with Fletcher Wilson and Finlay Parish booting the next two goals. Sam Ramsay was able to respond for the Cannons, kicking two crucial goals to get them within 4 points, before Blake Schlensog hit back with the last goal of the quarter for the Falcons.

Sam Walsh booted the first goal of the second quarter after a quick sidestep, and snap inside the forward 50, showcasing his brilliance. Brownless added to the Falcons lead, with an impressive running goal and passionate celebration. The Cannons kicked the final two goals of the second quarter and went into the main break only 11 points down.

The Falcons kicked 8 goals to 2 in the second half, with Brayden Ham adding 3 of his own. Fletcher Wilson also ended up 3 goals and Blake Schlensog finished with 2. The Falcons were comfortable winners in the end, winning 91-42.

Here are the players that caught my eye:

SAM WALSH | GEELONG FALCONS | D.O.B – 02/07/2000 | 183CM | 74KG

STATS: 34 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal, 8 inside 50’s.

I’ll start with Sam Walsh, for the second week running. He was outstanding. He’s smooth and smart around the contest, and he found the ball in areas of the ground. His agility and speed gave him the ability to break through congestion, which helped him set up play going forward. His work rate and competitiveness is first class, which I love. I thought his kicking was a lot better than last week, too. Did his chances of being the #1 pick no harm.

BAXTER MENSCH | GEELONG FALCONS | D.O.B – 30/05/2000 | 178CM | 70KG

STATS: 35 disposals (15 contested), 7 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal, 6 inside 50’s.

I couldn’t wait to see if Mensch would back up his dominant performance last week, and he did not disappoint. He found plenty of the ball on the inside and outside, and he reads the play exceptionally well. He has a beautiful left foot and he seems to always make the right decision. His composure, awareness and decision making was great. He makes a lot of contests due to his gut-running too. Reminds me a lot of Tom Mitchell, in the way he moves, kicks and gets himself into the right positions. Watch very closely.


STATS: 30 disposals, 5 marks, 9 tackles, 8 clearances, 2 goals

Brownless kicked the first goal of the day and he did not take a backwards step. His size and strength make him a difficult match-up around stoppages, and his clearance work was superb again. He’s very strong in close. He can also win the ball on the outside too, let’s not forget that. There was one passage of play where he dished out the ball in the defensive 50 and ran extremely hard to link up through the middle before ending up with a shot on goal inside 50 shortly later. Gut runner. Very passionate footballer.

BRAYDEN HAM | GEELONG FALCONS | D.O.B – 29/04/2000 | 181CM | 69KG

STATS: 17 disposals, 8 marks, 3 tackles, 3 goals.

 Well, it’s now clear that Brayden Ham is one of my favourites of this year’s draft. He was brilliant last week and played just as well this week. Another 3 goal performance from the classy forward. He was strong in the air and on the lead, and his field kicking was great. One of the best kicking techniques I’ve seen. Ham is a very smart footballer and is composed and clean. He needs to put on some weight, but besides that, he’s an exciting prospect.


 STATS: 18 disposals, 9 marks (3 contested), 6 hitouts, 2 goals.

 Schlensog was close to best on ground in my opinion. He presented well all day, taking several strong marks in the forward half. His kicking was sublime for someone his size. He can also compete in the ruck when needed, too. Ended the day with 2 goals, and it was his size, presence and work rate that really hurt the Cannons.

Other players that caught my eye for the Falcons were Fletcher Wilson, Logan Taylor, Cooper Cartledge and Doyle Madigan.

JACK BYTEL | CALDER CANNONS | D.O.B – 14/03/2000 | 188CM | 82KG

STATS: 32 disposals (18 contested), 3 marks, 5 clearances, 10 tackles

Bytel was in the top 3 players for the Cannons. He was exceptional in close, but he also has the burst of speed to breakaway from contests, which he did on numerous occasions. His size makes him a difficult match-up around stoppages, and he has the strength to win the ball repeatedly in contested situations. His tackling was what stood out most to me throughout the day. He works hard defensively and offensively. Most of his possessions were handballs, but he still had a positive impact on the game. Very Clayton Oliver-ish.. is that a fair and accurate comparison?

ISMAIL MOUSSA | CALDER CANNONS | D.O.B – 16/03/2000 | 179CM | 76KG

STATS: 13 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles.

Moussa was impressive in the back half for the Cannons all day, but he definitely caught my eye during the second half. His kicking was clean and accurate, and I thought his decision making was very good. He has the ability to break the game open with his speed and agility. I’m eager to see more!

CURTIS TAYLOR | CALDER CANNONS | D.O.B – 06/04/2000 | 186CM | 79KG

STATS: 20 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal.

Taylor was his most damaging just above the forward 50, where he presented beautifully. He set up a few goals for the Cannons, and also kicked one himself. He featured in the Cannons midfield a lot, where he could put his kicking skills and decision making to good use. He does some really nice things in the forward half. Was one of the Cannons best.

LACHLAN SHOLL | CALDER CANNONS | D.O.B – 07/02/2000 | 185CM | 77KG

STATS: 21 disposals, 11 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal.

Sholl was another handy contributor for the Cannons. He’s a ball winner, smart user and good decision maker. Sholl was involved in several passages of play throughout the middle of the ground, and he also made an impact up forward, where he presented well. He finished the match with one major. Nice prospect.
Other handy players for the Cannons were Tye Browning, Jack Evans and Jake Firebrace.

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