TAC Cup Wrap: Round 3


Round 3 probably wasn’t the most attractive display of TAC Cup footy we’ll ever see, with wet weather footy being the order of the day and 13 of the competitions best playing in the AFL Academy match on the MCG on Sunday. There are certainly some talking points and some eye-catching performance’s to document from the weekend’s play, with the Falcon’s dominance, Gippsland’s come-from-behind win and Joel Naylor’s six goal haul just naming a few.

Here is the wrap-up of Round 3’s proceedings:

Bendigo Pioneers 10.13.73 defeated by Gippsland Power 14.15.99­

Bendigo Pioneers

Goal Kickers: B. Daniels 4, D. Grace 2, B. Robertson, L. Wallace, M. Harvey, B. Henderson
Best Players: K. Hommelhoff, L. Gill, M. Kemp, J. Atley, A. Schumacher, B. Hore

Gippsland Power

Goal Kickers: J. Hudson 3, W. Stephenson 3, W. Broadbent 2, S. Masterson 2, K. Reid 2, K. Drew, M. McGannon
Best Players: J. Patterson, W. Stephenson, X. Duursma, T. Bindley, K. Drew, N. Hogan

The Pioneers will be licking their wounds after Gippsland came back from a 28 points buffer at half-time to claim victory by 26 points at the final siren. Bendigo kicked just the one goal in the second half to the Power’s nine, having no answer for the barnstorming Gippsland side.

Nick Hogan was at his ball-winning best after fading out last weekend, claiming a team-high 32 disposals, nine clearances and four tackles, showing his prowess in the coalface. Julian Patterson was influential in the ruck with 33 hit-outs and Power stand-in captain Will Stephenson had 18 disposals and booted three goals, leading the comeback charge with two crucial goals after the main break. For the Pioneers, small forward Brent Daniels kicked four majors and Darby Henderson had no trouble finding the Sherrin, notching up 35 disposals and seven clearances.

Western Jets 5.7.37 defeated by Sandringham Dragons 16.5.101


Goal Kickers: J. Noonan 2, J. Smith, T. Rudic, X. O”Halloran
Best Players: N. Stuhldreier, H. Murphy, J. Noonan, C. Thar, J. Smith, L. Hitch


Goal Kickers: I. Morrisby 4, A. Trusler 4, S. Williams 2, D. Brereton 2, W. Walker 2, J. Amartey, A. Brayshaw
Best Players: K. Owens, B. Smith, A. Brayshaw, M. Lohan, A. Trusler, I. Morrisby

The Western Jets seemingly had no answer for the Dragons after quarter time, going down by 64 points in a comprehensive victory. Western clearly missed midfielders Cameron Rayner – who tore Sunday’s AFL Academy game to shreds – and Lachlan Fogarty, losing the disposal count 230 to the Dragon’s 377 on Saturday.

Seb Williams (29 disposals) and Andrew Brayshaw (26) won plenty of footy for the Dragons. Brayshaw – the younger brother of Melbourne’s Angus – showed similar traits to his brother, claiming 10 clearances for his side. Forwards Isaac Morrisby and Aaron Trusler both bagged four goals for the Dragons and were arguably their best two for the day. Dermott’s son Devlin Brereton kicked two goals and will be one to watch for 2018. Few stood out for the Jets besides Jack Noonan, who kicked two of the Dragon’s five goals and claimed 18 disposals.

Sadly, Dragons ruckman Ethan Casey (13 disposals, 30 hitouts) did his ACL late in the game.

Murray Bushrangers 5.8.38 defeated by Geelong Falcons 13.16.94


Goal Kickers: D. Smith 2, F. Bollinghaus, I. Wallace, J. Wilson
Best Players: T. Boyd, K. Clarke, S. Beasley, H. Jones, F. Bollinghaus, A. Hicks


Goal Kickers: G. Miers 3, L. Noble 2, H. Benson 2, D. Handley 2, J. Reid, O. Brownless, E. McHenry, S. Torpy
Best Players: H. Elliot, C. Parish, M. Ling, H. Benson, J. Henderson, J. Walters

Geelong continues to show why they are the favourite to take out the TAC Cup trophy, with a powerhouse victory against the Bushrangers. The Falcons were down by five points at half-time but managed to keep the Bushrangers goalless for the entire second half while pumping out nine of their own.

It looks like we have another Parish is entering the AFL competition in Cassidy Parish, who continued his good form with 29 disposals and nine clearances. Gryan Miers (22 disposals, 3 goals) and Harry Noble (27 disposals and two goals) were also impressive in the win. Meanwhile, over-ager Ben Paton (29 disposals, six R50’s) and Will Donaghey (28 disposals, eight R50’s) mopped up well in defence for the Bushies.

Dandenong Stingrays 16.6.102 defeated Greater Western Victoria Rebels 12.10.82


Goal Kickers: J. Nanscawen 4, B. Williams 3, R. D’Arcy 3, T. Murphy 2, T. Roberts, J. Plumridge , B. Schmidt, W. Smith
Best Players: M. Cotter, A. Zijai, M. DeWit, T. Freeman, J. Nanscawen, T. Murphy


Goal Kickers: L. Wareham 2, H. Hobbs, T. Berry, M. Schnerring, L. Essenwanger, A. Harvey, A. Shepherd, M. Gattek, A. Domic, J. Johnston, J. Hill
Best Players: C. Wellings, L. Meek, T. Reed, F. Appleby, T. Berry, J. Hill

Dandenong hit out to a monster 54-point lead at the half-time break thanks to an eight goal to one first quarter, with a Rebels fightback tightening the difference to 20 points by full time.

Mitchell Cotter (27 disposals, 15 contested possessions, nine clearances) and Ali Zijal (23 disposals, nine tackles, eight clearances) were impressive in the coalface for the Stingrays. Jai Nanscawen nabbed four sausage rolls from his 12 disposals and provided plenty of energy for Dandy up forward. GWV over-ager and skipper Cal Wellings was the leading disposal getter on the ground with 30 touches, 18 of which were won contested. Another of their over-agers Lloyd Meek (29 hit-outs, 10 disposals, five clearances) also performed solidly.

Northern Knights 11.9.75 defeated Eastern Ranges 9.6.60


Goal Kickers: J. Naylor 6, J. Shea 2, P. Della Rocca, B. Gillard, E. Penrith
Best Players: J. Naylor, E. Penrith, M. Dreher, B. Gillard, J. Petruccelle, O. Stapleton


Goal Kickers: D. Moore 2, M. Doreian, J. Duncan, K. Urquhart, T. Mynott, A. Kalcovski, A. Cerra, R. Stoddart
Best Players: A. Cerra, B. Cardamone, R. Stoddart, D. Moore, T. Mynott, L. Woodward

The Northern Knights got themselves to fifth on the ladder after their win over Eastern Ranges on Sunday. The outs of Jaidyn Stephenson, Sam Hayes and Joel Garner hurt the Ranges and this was ultimately the difference, despite the Knights’ Patrick Naish also playing in the AFL Academy match.

Joel Naylor was the standout, booting five goals by half-time and six for the match. He also clunked three contested marks from his 12 disposals in an emphatic performance. Max Dreher (22 disposals, seven clearances, 16 contested possessions) and Oliver Stapleton (24 disposals, eight clearances) got their hands dirty in the middle. Ethan Penrith’s defensive pressure was also a highlight, laying 13 tackles to go with his goal and 17 touches. For Eastern, Adam Cerra (29 disposals, nine clearances and a goal) racked up 28 kicks and just the solitary handball, but only half of his kicks hit the target.

Calder Cannons 7.9.51 defeated by Oakleigh Chargers 14.10.94


Goal Kickers: M. Borg 2, J. Velissaris, M. Moustafa, J. Firebrace, T. Browning, B. Caluzzi
Best Players: B. Caluzzi, D. Hanna, J. Velissaris, B. Bernacki, J. Firebrace, T. Browning


Goal Kickers: C. Whitehead 4, T. Wooller 3, N. Boucher 2, M. Day 2, J. Hewitt, X. O”Neill, D. Stanford
Best Players: J. Hewitt, X. O”Neill, C. Whitehead, C. Thompson, J. Ayton-Delaney, A. Jenkins

The Chargers got the chocolates over the Calder Cannons at Rams Arena on Sunday afternoon, staying in control of the game until its close. A five goal-to-two last quarter kicked the Chargers into the top four and sent the Cannons dwindling at the bottom of the ladder at the end of Round 3.

Charlie Whitehead impressed, slotting four goals from his 18 disposals along with Toby Wooller (22 disposals, nine tackles) who booted three. Charlie Thompson led the possession count for the day with 29 disposals and 10 tackles) with Calder’s Ben Caluzzi (28 disposals, 12 tackles and a goal) not far behind him.

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