TAC Cup Wrap: Round 6


The Geelong Falcons continue their march towards the finals, maintaining their unbeaten record by beating the Western Jets in a tough away game. Meanwhile, the Calder Cannons are still searching for their first win of the season, as they are two games behind 7th-11th, who are currently in a logjam towards the lower positions on the ladder. The season is heating up, with the biggest margin this week being a 40 point win to the Oakleigh Chargers over the GWV Rebels, whilst two games were decided by three points.


Northern Knights (10.9.69) defeated Dandenong Stingrays (9.12.66) 

Goal Kickers:
 J. Shea 4, N. Coffield 2, J. Petruccelle, S. Binion, O. Stapleton, B. Gillard
Best Players: J. Shea, J. Petruccelle, O. Wilson, S. Binion, J. Grace, M. Andrews
Goal Kickers:
 T. Dekoning 3, J. Nanscawen 3, R. Piper, L. Young, H. Clark
Best Players: A. Paterson, T. Murphy, J. Davies, T. Dekoning, B. Williams, W. Hamill

The first game of the round saw a nail-biter, with the Knights coming back from 15 points down at 3QT to run out three point winners. After a shocking start, the Knights fought their way back with a five-goal second term, and just got the better of the Stingrays.

For the Knights, Jamison Shea was a clear standout. He had 25 disposals, four goals, six marks and 10 tackles to will the Knights over the line. Mitchell Andrews was a rock in defence for the Knights, with 33 disposals (including 22 kicks) to go with 12 marks and seven rebound 50s.

For the Stingrays, Hunter Clark had a great day in the midfield, with 34 disposals, four marks, seven tackles and a goal. Thomas Murphy was also solid with 29 disposals, three marks and six clearances.

Read the scouting notes for this game here


Western Jets (11.9.75) defeated by Geelong Falcons (15.9.99)

Goal Kickers:
 S. Syme 3, B. Khamis 2, J. Hazik 2, O. King, T. Yorgey, J. Rice, B. McGregor
Best Players: N. Stuhldreier, J. Rice, J. Dundon, S. Radovanovic, B. Khamis, R. Ham

Goal Kickers:
 G. Miers 4, A. Garner 3, D. Handley 2, J. Worpel 2, S. Torpy, B. Cockerill, J. Reid, M. Chafer
Best Players: A. Garner, M. Chafer, D. Handley, J. Worpel, S. Walsh, M. Ling

Geelong Falcons continued their winning streak, resisting a 3rd quarter fightback from the Western Jets to run out four goal winners. The Jets won the 3rd quarter, and looked set to fight their way back into the match, but a 20-2 last quarter by the Falcons saw them win it pretty comfortably in the end.

For the Jets, Nicholas Stuhldreier had it on a string in the midfield, with 34 disposals and seven clearances seeing him judged best on ground for the Jets. Jaden Rice also had a good day, with 27 disposals and a goal accompanied by 12 tackles, but it wasn’t enough to get the Jets over the line.

For the Falcons, Adam Garner was named best on, and was efficient as he only had six disposals for the day, but turned them into three goals, as well as six tackles. Samuel Walsh also had a great day, with 34 disposals (including 18 contested possessions), eight clearances and eight inside 50s.


Calder Cannons (9.4.58) defeated by Murray Bushrangers (10.17.77)

Goal Kickers:
 M. Moustafa 3, J. Firebrace 2, T. Browning 2, J. Bytel 2
Best Players: N. Balta, M. Podhajski, M. Moustafa, J. Bytel, A. Tilley, T. Browning

Goal Kickers:
 J. Wilson 3, H. Garoni 2, D. Johnston 2, N. Oakes, Z. Barzen, R. Bruce
Best Players: K. Clarke, B. Paton, J. Wilson, D. Langlands, H. Jones, H. Garoni

In a closely fought game, the Bushrangers were able to run out 19 point winners over the Cannons, getting a valuable away win. The Bushrangers got out to a 30 point lead at half time, before the Cannons had a six goal 3rd quarter to bring the game back into reach. The Bushrangers were able to hold on, however, and moved a game ahead of the Sandringham Dragons.

For the Cannons, Noah Balta was named best on for the Cannons, with 13 disposals and 19 hitouts in a valiant performance. Mitch Podhajski also had a great day, with 24 disposals, nine marks and seven rebound 50s.

For the Bushrangers, Harry Jones had 26 disposals, seven tackles and eight inside 50s in a great midfield performance, but was a bit wayward with 2 behinds. Benjamin Paton was solid off half back, with 19 disposals (including 15 kicks) as well as five rebound 50s.


Oakleigh Chargers (12.10.82) defeated Greater Western Victoria Rebels (6.6.42)

Goal Kickers:
 T. Wooller 2, C. Searle 2, D. Stanford 2, J. Troiani 2, J. Higgins, D. Scala, X. O”Neill, L. Cunningham
Best Players: J. Higgins, M. Bennett, J. Troiani, L. Cunningham, X. O”Neill, P. Bohan

Goal Kickers:
 C. Wilson 2, D. Cox, L. Meek, C. Wellings, J. Johnston
Best Players: J. Taurau, F. Appleby, J. Johnston, C. Wellings, M. Bishop, T. Scott

Oakleigh Chargers ran out 40 point winners in a home game against the GWV Rebels, off the back of a dominant 3rd quarter, kicking six unanswered. The Rebels will be disappointed by their performance, and will be looking to bounce back next week.

For the Chargers, Jack Higgins was influential, with 28 disposals, four tackles and a goal in a best on ground performance. Jordan Troiani was similarly influential, with 21 disposals to go along with seven tackles, seven inside 50s and six tackles.

For the Rebels, Flynn Appleby had 18 disposals, eight tackles and five rebound 50s in a rare standout performance. Callan Wellings had 19 disposals and nine tackles in a great midfield performance, but overall the Rebels were well down on where they’d like to be.


Eastern Ranges (11.6.72) defeated Gippsland Power (10.9.69)

Goal Kickers:
 S. Hayes 6, J. Lynch 2, T. Mynott 2, C. Hirst
Best Players: S. Hayes, J. Lynch, K. Quirk, T. Mynott, D. Moore, J. Rouget
Goal Kickers:
 W. Stephenson 2, B. Beck 2, C. Henness, N. Lowden, I. Mosquito, A. Quigley, C. Mckenzie, X. Duursma
Best Players: A. Quigley, C. Porter, C. Henness, W. Stephenson, M. McGannon, N. Lowden

The Eastern Ranges withstood a second half challenge from the Gippsland Power to win a close game by three points at Healesville Sporting Complex. The Ranges got out to a 17 point lead, before the Power just fell short off the back of a spirited second half performance.

For the Ranges, Samuel Hayes kicked six goals, and had 18 hitouts in a commanding performance to drag the Ranges over the line. Meanwhile, Dylan Moore had 35 disposals and 13 tackles in a great midfield performance.

For the Power, Callum Porter had 25 disposals (including 17 kicks) and 13 tackles, as well as seven clearances, and was arguably unlucky not to be named best on for the Power. That honour went to Aiden Quigley, who had 21 disposals, four tackles and three clearances.

Read the scouting notes for this game here

Bendigo Pioneers (11.13.79) defeated Sandringham Dragons (8.10.58)

Goal Kickers:
 B. Torpey 3, M. Harvey 2, M. Goodwin, R. Mutch, W. Donnan, L. Davis, C. McCarthy, L. Wallace
Best Players: D. Henderson, A. Schumacher, R. Turner, A. Mertz, M. Kemp, M. Harvey

Goal Kickers:
 I. Morrisby 2, A. Trusler 2, W. Walker, Q. Montanaro, J. Amartey, D. Brereton
Best Players: H. Brayshaw, J. Howard, A. Styles, W. Walker, Q. Montanaro, A. Sakeson

In the last game of the round, the Bendigo Pioneers led at every change to run out 21 point winners at home over the Sandringham Dragons. The margin was largely thanks to a 6 goal third quarter, which saw the Pioneers lead at 19 points at 3 quarter time.

For the Pioneers, Darby Henderson was named best on, with 35 disposals, eight marks and five clearances in a massive midfield performance. Angus Schumacher was similarly influential, with 28 disposals and eight marks providing run off half back.

For the Dragons, Hamish Brayshaw was a standout in the midfield, with 32 disposals and eight clearances accompanied by seven inside 50s. Angus Styles also had a great day, with 26 disposals, eight tackles, four inside 50s and four rebound 50s.

Read the scouting notes for this game here

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