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The Probst League

For the first time this year we saw every result go the way of the favourites and resulted in some contenders separate themselves from the pack, whilst spots at the bottom of the top 8 have tightened up.


Probst 8 - 7


We had one trade for the week, as Shitrug once again traded for a ruckman.. this time giving up Prestia for Fitzpatrick who will probably only play a handful of games this year.


Probst 8 - 6

In our first match-up Luffy bounced back from the humiliating loss to Shitrug to get the win over Goughy in a low scoring affair.

Luffy had Pendlebury as captain and was less dependable again this week, only producing 88. The return of form of Grundy helped his cause, as did Gaff’s monster 146 on Friday night. Overall the midfield performed well but the forward line was well down.

“Got real lucky this week. Goughy scrambled to cover Webster and failed miserably. Had it in the bag on Saturday Night thanks to my man Clayton Oliver. Looking forward to stomping on some Mipni next week (Chiddz).”

Goughy had Stef Martin as captain and didn’t let him down as he powered his way to a score of 134. Like Luffy the midfield did their job but no huge scores. The forwards and backs were terrible though with nine scores under 65.

“My Suns and Power guys may have well stayed in Australia. If they had the same level of commitment as my mad dash from Washinton D.C to the MCG for the Dockers first Grand Final appearance 48 hours before the game then we may have got the W. Lots of donuts to cover this week now. Good thing I’ve got the bye (vs Padders).”


Probst 8 - 5

In a battle between 9th and 10th on the ladder, Padders got over to the line to once again put Shitrug two games clear on the bottom of the ladder.

Padders had Rockliff as captain and again he didn’t disappoint despite the late game injury scoring 130. The rest of the midfield all produced scores between 75-100. The backline was solid, especially with Newman coming in as a late inclusion and scoring 135 (his highest scorer of the week). The forward line weren’t great but weren’t atrocious.

“Rugs to Padders – ‘I hope Newman comes in and scores 10’ Newman comes in and scores 135”

There were some really good scorers from Shitrug’s team this week but at the same time there were some absolute shockers. Jack Steven was solid as captain scoring an even 100. Shitrug also had Josh Kelly’s 162 and Billings’ 151 but these were pretty much nullified by Libba and Blicavs who both scored in the 30s. The addition of Jack Fitzpatrick only netted him 48 points.

“The only thing about my team that is consistent is the inconsistencies. Also Libba needs to stop partying, it’s not the week after the granny anymore mate.”


Probst 8 - 4

Horse got back on the winners list this week after three straight losses in a tight tussle with Sarge despite having another 0 in the rucks.

Horse gave the captaincy to Neale who produced a meagre 96 as captain. The rest of the midfield was outstanding as five other mids scored centuries. There were also another 5 centuries spread out amongst the forwards and backs. Horse will be hoping to solve his rucks crisis pretty soon to ease the burden on the rest of his team.

“Secret to beating Sarge is as follows.

Step 1 – Convince him to play Sexton over Polec.

Step 2 – Deliberatley cop a 0”

Dangerfield is really proving hard to trust with the captaincy this year and this distrust continued this week with another sub 100 score. As eluded to above Sarge played Sexton over Polec which was a point differential of 98. This was the difference in this one.

“I am the North Melbourne of this league. Can’t win the close ones.”


Probst 8 - 3

Cuffy strengthened his credentials as a premiership threat this week with the highest score of the week and a comfortable win over Sneanzy.

Cuffy finally went away from Macrae as captain and made the bold choice of Jacobs which paid dividends as he scored a massive 132. He also welcomed the return to form of Parker who had his first century of the year. There were 11 centuries in total in what was a stunning display. The only downer is that Coniglio will miss the next 10 weeks with an ankle injury.

“I just don’t want people thinking this league is shit because I’m dominating so much”

Sneanzy had Merrett as captain and didn’t disappoint with an epic 150 score. He also had Boak who also cracked the 150 barrier but it wasn’t enough as six players scored under 60 which makes it hard to compete with such a high score from Cuffy.

“Merrett and Boak knocked out 150s yet I still lose to a guy who wants teams to be locked on a Friday night so he can focus on his weekend brunches with bae and not late outs. #FMDT”


Probst 8 - 2

Chiddz kept the momentum going with another win, this time over Bantz. This contest wasn’t really in doubt with Bantz having 2 donuts and an injury to Cyril. Has to be said, this was a pretty dull match-up.

Chiddz kept the captaincy with Mitchell who hasn’t let him down yet this year. There were no real highlights this week, just a solid team performance.

“Went fishing all weekend and still won. A few spanners will need addressing though.”

Bantz had Zorko as captain after Sloane let him down last week, which proved to be a good move as Sloane was tagged out of a game for the second week in a row. Injuries to Jack and Birchall along with the Koby Stevens suspension made it impossible to field a full side without compromising his side. Even with the donuts there weren’t too many highlights.

“Copped the loss with two donuts. A plethora of returning players in for the Lords next week. Some refer to them as Gods of War. May their hammers be mighty.”

Probst 8 - 1

Chiddz and Cuffy are still on top by themselves, whilst Padders closed the gap on the top 8.


Here are next week’s match-ups


Probst 8 - 8

Match-up of the week will be a top 4 encounter between Chiddz and Luffy


Next week we see our first bye round as Port and the Suns both have the week off. This will be a small taste tester to see what tactics the coaches will use for the main bye rounds. There might be some upsets on the cards.




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