The Probst – The Penultimate Round Results

The penultimate round of the home and away season has produced some results that will shape the positioning for the Final 8. Seven teams are still a possibility of making the Top 4, with only two teams guaranteed of a Top 4 berth. Padders kept his slim finals chances alive with a win and now needs to win his last game and hope other results go his way.

With one week to go we will look at the likely match-ups for the first week of the finals.

Probst 17 - 8

We had one trade processed before the Sunday’s trade deadline for 2017, with Luffy and Horse trading a ruck for a defender.


Probst 17 - 7

Luffy kept his Top 4 chances well and truly in play after he accounted for Goughy by 136 points.

Pendlebury was captain for Luffy who again scored under 100, only managing 84 as well as facing a possible season ending injury. The Cramp Lizards had seven centurions, the highest of which was Zaharakis’ 120. Another solid team performance with a very consistent performance from the midfield.

“Back in the 4 but a serious setback with Pendles going down.. My season may very well follow in his footsteps.”

Likely finals match-up: We are tipping that Luffy will lose to Bantz next week without Pendles and slip out of the Top 4 and finish 5th. This will pit him against Bantz in an Elimination Final.

Goughy had Docherty as captain who continued his run of excellent form with a score of 111. The Wiggles matched Luffy’s total of seven centurions with the highlight being James Kelly’s 138. A disappointing effort from the forward line cost Goughy dearly.

“Situation is simple. Score 1800 and I play finals, no matter what else happens.”

Likely finals match-up: The Purple Wiggles take on Padders next week and we think they will get over the line in a close one, which will secure his place in the finals. Our predictions have him face Sneanzy in an Elimination final.


Probst 17 - 6

Padders scraped in for a win over Shitrug in a low scoring affair. This came down to the wire which would’ve had Padders on the edge of his seat. It was a 2 on 1 advantage in favour of Padders in the Derby with Jetta and Sheed, against Cripps and needed an extra 50 points. Luckily Sheed forgot the shocker he had last week and Jetta scored to his average to get the W.

Padders finally went against Rocky (70) as captain and chose Dusty (131) which proved a crucial move as Rocky’s form continues to be sub-par. There were four other players to crack the ton with Dusty’s being the highest.

“Still a mathematical chance… Unlike Rugs who has completely Shat the bed this week. I will not be dropiing gun players from my line-up.”

Likely finals match-up: The chances of Padders playing finals are pretty low. He will need to defeat Goughy and also hoping that he has a massive score and that Bantz or Goughy score terribly. Unfortunately Padders’ season may end this weekend even if he wins.

Shitrug has Gibbs as captain who scored a solid 113. There were only three other century scorers with Westhoff being the highest scorer by 122. The backline was appalling with only one score over 75.

“Keeping Sarge out of the Top 4 is now my only aim in life. Wipe the grin off that smug face when he gives me The Chol.”

Likely finals match-up: No chance of making it… Next


Probst 17 - 5

Horse strengthened his claims to a Top 4 spot with an 82 point win over another Top 4 contender in Sarge.

With Ablett back in the side he had the responsibility of captain which he took seriously on his way to 152. There were seven other century scorers and most of these came from the midfield. No injuries came from the weekend which will delight Horse.

“Got the job done. Going to be hard this week against this year’s champion Sneanzy, but a top 4 finish is the aim.”

Likely finals match-up: The Stallions take on the Phil Gilberts next week where we think Sneanzy will take the chocolates. Despite this Horse may keep his spot in the Top 4 and take on Chiddz in a qualifying final.

Sarge had Danger as captain who still managed to score 140 despite hopping on one leg for most of the game and if he had kicked straight may have changed the result. There were five other players passing the 100 mark. The midfield was very good, but the forwards and backs were below average.

“Serious allegations of loopholing by Cuffy. I demand that if he wins he is struck with an *”

Likely finals match-up: Sarge takes on Shitrug in the last home and away match and will be hoping that Danger is fit to play. He should account for his opponent and secure his Top 4 spot and book in an encounter with Cuffy in a Qualifying Final.


Probst 17 - 4

Chiddz ensured that he would finish second on the ladder with a crushing victory over Bantz.

Chiddz continues to captain the best fantasy player of 2017 in Tom Mitchell who scored 147 this week which was his second best score for the year.  There were four other century scorers with the only one getting close to Mitchell’s score being Tom Lynch (Adel) with 130. The Midfield was steady and the forward line was outstanding.

“Can someone explain to me how this top 8 thing works please?”

Likely finals match-up: Ask and you shall receive Chiddz. This win secured second on the ladder and books you in for a Qualifying final against Horse, regardless of what happens against Luffy this week.

Bantz had an absolute shocker, with a lot of players turning in below average performances. This was epitomised through his captain in Zorko who only managed 48. There were only three century scorers with the best clearly being 136. An injury to Steven May was salt in the wound.

“Still alone, fight our blow filthy animals beat down low steele and bone, black and blue. Run at the sunshine, we come for you.”

Likely finals match-up: Bantz has the pleasure of taking on Cuffy in the final round before finals. Cuffy should get over the line in this one which will see Bantz hang onto 8th spot. A likely match-up against Luffy awaits.


Probst 17 - 3

Sneanzy got a win against Cuffy in an upset by 51 points. The Super Best Friends made a late charge but was never a realistic chance to win despite the heroics of Blakely and solid contributions from Masten and Walters.

The Phil Gilberts had Merrett as captain who scored an impressive 144. There were four other centurions, with Merrett still the best of them. The midfield was clearly the most impressive line with the forward line scoring consistently and the backline scoring indifferently.

“Really excited with my Shiva win this week! Boys smashed out some big scores… Oh wait. This is The Probst, yeah went well I think.. Didn’t really check in much to be honest.”

Likely finals match-up: A tight tussle against Horse is scheduled for next week which we think he will win. This will most likely see him face Goughy in an Elimination Final.

Cuffy had Seb Ross as captain who struggled with the extra pressure and only managed 71. There were five century scorers with Blakely’s 149 the highlight. The forward line performed above expectations but the midfield really struggled.

“Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Bantz’s last four captain scores… 57, 96, 46 & 48. How will he blow it again this week. This game is already over.”

Likely finals match-up: Top place is sewn up and a Qualifying Final against Sarge is likely.


Probst 17 - 2

A big final week of home and away matches will determine our first matches for the first week of finals. Not one match -up is pre-determined.


Crucial match-ups everywhere with all teams (except Shitrug and Cuffy) have something to play for. Stay tuned next week for the finals match-ups!

Probst 17 - 1


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