The Probst – The Top 8 Decided!

The last round of home and away matches produced some interesting results which changed the shape of the finals match ups that looked likely a week ago. Padders’ miracle didn’t pan out meaning that the teams in the Top 8 didn’t change but there was some jostling for positions.


Probst 18 - 7

In our first match Chiddz got the win against a Pendlebury-less Luffy which meant Chiddz held onto second whilst Luffy needed other results to go his way for him to remain in the Top 4.

Chiddz had Mitchell as captain who produced his average score for the year which is an impressive 130. There were five other century makers with none of them topping Mitchell. The backline and midfield were very consistent with no scores under 70.

“Locked up 2nd place yet again with another stellar Mipni performance. This league is nothing more to me than easy money and a morale booster.”

Luffy captained Grundy in Pendlebury’s absence who was excellent with a score of 127. There were only three other century scorers and they were all below 105. Low scores were scattered all across the ground.

“Was never in the game this week. Dropped out of the Top 4 in the last minute of the Brisbane game which hurt. Wiggles this week. Come back Pendles!”


Probst 18 - 6

In a tight tussle, Goughy got the win over Padders in a nail bitter which put an end to his season. Padders needed to win by a big margin to dislodge the Purple Wiggles from the 8. In the Brisbane v Carlton game Goughy had Docherty as captain and Witherden. They required to score 275 between them to get the win and just scraped over the line.

Docherty’s captain score of 93 was his lowest for a while and there were five other century scorers, none of which scored over 110.

“Unconvincing win but that had no bearing on where I finished. Could the People’s Champion win it from eighth? Stay tuned folks…”

Padders had Dusty as captain who was solid with a score of 116. There were 6 other century scorers, with the highlight being Hibberd’s 129. Nine scores under 70 prevented him from getting the win in this one.

“Crappy end to a crappy season. Losing in the last minute of the last game. Guess the Hooker is on its way to the Whorethorns. MAD MONDAY BEGINS!”


Probst 18 - 5

In another tight affair, Bantz managed an upset against Cuffy to secure a place in the Top 4. In the last match of the round the Bant Lords had Zorko and Beams against Cuffy’s Daniel Rich. Zorko and Beams combined for 261 points which was enough to get over the line.

Bantz had Treloar as captain who scored 114. There were only four other century scorers but all of them were above 110. The backline was pretty solid and is probably the best in the comp.

“In memory of Chester Bennington

Things aren’t the way they were before. You wouldn’t even recognise me anymore. Not that you knew me back then, But it all comes back to me in the end.”

Cuffy wisely changed the captaincy to Blakely this week who also scored 114. Again like Bantz there were only four other century scorers, but the quality of the tonnes weren’t as high as his opponents which was the difference in the end.

“Kept Luff and Sarge out of the 4 by losing to Bantz this week. .. Not even mad.”


Probst 18 - 4

Sneanzy easily accounted for a heavily undermanned Horse who was missing half of his midfield with Ablett, Jones and Mitchell all MIA.

The Phil Gilberts had Merrett as captain who scored a paltry 96 compared to his normal output. There were only four century scorers in total with Boak’s 120 the pick of them. The forward line was the standout, whilst defence was the weak point.

“Bantz won his Probst from 7th so this should be a walk in the park! About to win the Papley and the Probst in a 4 week period.. Stoked!”

There wasn’t too much fight from the stallions this week with only three century scorers and a lowly captain’s score of 93 from Bontempelli. This was accompanied by another 8 scores under 70. He is going to need his injured players to come back next week to give Cuffy a run for his money.

“Knocking out a 1700 the week before finals isn’t ideal. Getting Ablett, Jones and Mitchell back is. If Toby Greene gets suspended for brushing the side of Rance’s face, I’ll eat my hat.”


Probst 18 - 3

Our last match for the week was a close low scoring encounter where Sarge officially ended Shitrug’s season with another loss.  Shitrug only needed half decent scores from Gibbs (captain), Wright and Bastinac to overpower Sarge but couldn’t manage it.

Sarge had Danger as captained who still scored 112 despite the lingering injury concerns he faced throughout the week. Only one other player scored above 100 in a dismal performance. This was made even worse with 10 scores under 70. How did he win this? See below.

“The thought of knocking out Sneanzy out in the finals and retaining the Papley for a record 3rd time causes movement in my pants.”

The Mighty Beavers have been anything but mighty this year and his final captain’s score of the year epitomised it, as Bryce Gibbs scored 37 as captain (not his lowest for the year though). There were five century scorers with Gunston’s 132 being the highlight.

“Well one could say today is the start of Mad Monday but let’s be honest, I’ve been on it since about Round 3. How Gibbs managed to shit the bed so hard, I will never know. Only needed him to score 50. Anyway bring on 2018… Things couldn’t get much worse.. could they?”


Probst 18 - 2

Bantz shoots into the Top 4 after an upset win and everything went right for Horse to remain in the Top 4 despite a devastating loss. Those two teams are lucky to be where they finished considering they are the two lowest points scorers in the final 8. The bottom four teams in the 8 all finish at 9-9 and for the season.


So the 2017 Finals Series of the Probst will kick off this weekend, with some enthralling match-ups!

Probst 18 - 1


Cuffy and Chiddz should go in as heavy favourites in their Qualifying Finals. Sneanzy should get the win over Sarge to progress to a semi final, whilst it’s a toss of the coin between Luffy and Goughy.


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