The Probst – The Winter Byes Are Coming

This was a week where we only saw three teams breach the 2000 barrier. There were a lot of average captain scores this week which has hampered the quality of scores this week. This was the start of the second round of match-ups between the teams. The top of the table clash between Chiddz and Cuffy was a low scoring but tight affair, but who came out on top?

There were two trades completed during the week with Shitrug only being involved in one of them this week after being very active last week.

Probst 10 - 9

Probst 10 - 8

We see yet another trade from Shitrug that involves a Ruckman



Probst 10 - 7

In our first match of the week Luffy crushed Padders to the tune of 234 points. Padders was left short by one player after his captain Luke Shuey was a late withdrawal but this wouldn’t have changed the result.

Luffy had Jack Steven as captain who scored a disappointing 90, but the rest of the midfield and the defence came to his aid with six centuries between them. The forward line was a touch disappointing but in such a low scoring week not too many complaints can be had by Luffy.

“Comfortable win over Bonds’ better half. Collingwood boys really delivered. Landed Shuey on Monday so hope he gets up against the Suns.”

Padders had Dusty as his captain by default after the late withdrawal of Shuey who scored an impressive score of 133. The big issue that Padders faced (apart from the donut) was that this was his only score over 100 for the week. This is the lowest tally of century scorers from any team this year. Padders will be praying that Rocky returns after Brisbane’s bye.

“1 ton. Shuey (c) backed out in the lead up so I copped a zero. That was the final straw and I gave him the flick for Wines and old shot clock Dixon.”

Probst 10 - 6

The next contest was almost as lop-sided as the first one as Goughy toppled Sarge whilst also achieving the highest score of the round.

Goughy had Docherty score 130 as captain which set the tone for the match-up. The most impressive aspect of this performance was Goughy’s midfield. Only one player from the midfield failed to reach triple figures and that was Menegola’s 99.

“Spent the week at Yellowstone National Park, so the team was as I left it on Monday. Top scored by a mile and absolutely flogged Sarge. Hanners getting back on the grog  was the best thing that could’ve happened to the wiggles.”

Sarge had Dangerfield as captain who didn’t let him down after his impressive last quarter which helped him to his score of 125. Most of Sarge’s players scored close to their averages. The only issue with Sarge’s team this week was team selection as two bench players scored over 100 which would’ve made this match closer.

“Goughy’s midfield bloody averaged 110 between the 8 of them. Bloke’s spent all week in the wilderness being chased by bears and still pantsed me.”

Probst 10 - 5

Sneanzy continued to heap on the misery on to Shitrug as he slumped to his 9th loss from 10 matches in what was a reasonably close encounter.

Sneanzy had Merrett score 101 as captain which is the bare minimum you want from a captain. The only exceptional performance from the week came from Isaac Smith’s 133. The backline was the most consistent performing line of the week for Sneanzy.

“Just like my invitation to Shitrug’s wedding, he just didn’t rock up this weekend.”

Shitrug had Goddard as captain who scored two less than Merrett so this match-up wasn’t decided by captain’s choice. The issue that has plagued Shitrug all year has been the low individual scores that his players produce on a weekly basis and it struck again this week with four scores under 55.

“1956… My top score for the season and I still lost by over 100. Have spent the weekend taking notes from old ‘Bye Round Cuffy’ so hopefully I can make it 3 from 3.”


Probst 10 - 4

Bantz dominated Horse by nearly 200 points this week. Ever since we declared Horse a premiership threat he has turned to water as he has now lost five out his last six matches.

The big four midfielders for Bantz all fired including his captain in Treloar who scored 109. Apart from the big four there were only two players that scored over 100. The rest of team were pretty average with a lot of scores between 40 and 70.

“Sloane, Sidebottom and Newnes all went 139+. Horse didn’t have a hoof to stand on after that.”

Horse had Taylor Adams as captain who scored 97. Horse only managed to have four player score centuries which was coupled with four players who didn’t score above 60 in the midfield which is where you want to generate most of your score.

“6 blokes under 50… 6! The toys have been thrown from the cot. Big changes coming!”


Probst 10 - 3

In the top of the table clash, Cuffy got the victory to claim first place on the ladder over Chiddz in what was a low scoring affair. This match-up could’ve gone the other way if Tom Scully had taken the field. Because of the Scully late withdrawal Chiddz had to put his faith in Liam Duggan in the same match to score 98 or better but could only muster 44.

Cuffy had Jacobs as captain as Adelaide took on Freo without Sandilands which netted him 104. There weren’t too many highlights or lowlights in from this team’s performance this week.

“Got up in the last quarter of the weekend once again. Watch Chiddz sook about Scully being a late out and wanting the rules to be changed once again.”

Chiddz again had Tom Mitchell as captain scored a season low 108 as captain. The midfield had four century scorers but no others from the forwards, rucks or backs. There weren’t too many poor scores but just not enough pushing past the 100 barrier.

“Would’ve needed a 98 from Scull Dog to get me over the line… Late Change – Would’ve also won if grabbed Jetta off the waivers but nooooooooo I grabbed Liam Duggan. I should’ve known that a bloke named Liam would only screw me over.”


Probst 10 - 2

Cuffy has gone one game clear on top of the ladder and now the Top 4 have seperated from the pack by just one game.


The first week of the byes are approaching this week which might see some upsets depending on the balance of the teams. This will test out the drafting and trading prowess of our teams over the next three weeks. This makes it hard to know what match of the round will be this week. Shitrug may even get a win.

Probst 10 - 1



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