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Here is a few tips in the lead up to your draft to keep in the back of your mind. It is important to stay focussed and remember some of these handy tips when making your selections at the draft table in 2015. You don’t want to be laughed at by other coaches like Carlton was when they selected Blaine Boekhorst. 

1. Don’t have a set structure

I hear all the time about people asking me whether they should go forward – back – mid – mid in the first four rounds. To them I always say that, especially in the early rounds, they should be picking the best player available. Let the draft come to you and select the sliders and get some value. Worry about positions later. 

Positional scarcity is something to be worried about, but grab the players at the best value before you go and start picking backs or forwards with low ceilings. Rank your forwards and backs in comparison to mids using the following rule of thumb:

Forwards: +5 average

Backs: +10 average

This means that if you have a selection coming up and you have a choice between Callan Ward (expected average 100) and Grant Birchall (expected average 85) you should take Callan Ward as he is expected to average over 10 points more than Birchall. 

2. Have a set of rankings

Make sure you have a list of rankings to go off. And cross the players off your list as they are taken. Time and time again I’ve seen fellow coaches try to wing it and go off their own knowledge. But even the most seasoned of coaches will get disorientated when the player they wanted is taken right before their pick. Be sure to check out Matt James’ latest rankings which are updated every couple of weeks. 

But also be sure to check the latest injuries – there’s nothing worse than taking an injured player too early because you didn’t do the research. 

3. Be in control

This may sound like a simple one but many a drafter has fallen into the trap before. Draft day is the best day of the year, the barbecue is fired up, the lads are all together so it is easy to get a bit too excited and have a few too many beers to be able to draft well. 

Make sure you pace yourself while the draft is on then after the draft you’ll be free to have a good time knowing your team is in good shape. 

The next few editions of draft strategy will be getting into some more detailed plans on how to attack your draft. In the meantime if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rob

    March 6, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    I find I spend more time searching for and crossing off players on my list than focusing on my next trade. How do you prepare? Do you use the UF pre-draft rankings?

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