Ultimate Footy — Round 9 Position Changes

Allen Christensen of the Lions celebrates kicking a goal during the round nine AFL match between the Brisbane Lions and the Hawthorn Hawks at The Gabba on May 20, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.

The third edition of Ultimate Footy’s Dual Position changes have arrived for 2018. This round also signals the start of the byes (for Port Adelaide and Gold Coast at least), proving that the DPP changes will become more crucial over the next few weeks, and only two more chances in round 12 and 15 to come.

On this occasion, we see 10 players gain another position — 4 defenders, 3 Midfielders and 3 Forwards. Yet again, there are no ruck changes.

Like we did a few weeks ago, we reviewed the post by Ultimate Footy and their decision making on this occasion after the last 12 players were added with DPP. Here’s what Ultimate Footy had to say to keep an eye on a few weeks ago:

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.20.49 pm

Some very mixed reactions there … and while other names have been thrown up again, only the two Bulldogs in Hayden Crozier and Tom Boyd made the cut this time to get a DPP change. It remains to be seen whether other big names such as Lachie Whitfield, the Bont, Jordan Lewis and Cam Guthrie — who were in the mix before that too — will have any future in a position change.

Here’s the list…

Zak Jones (SY – C) add B
Average: 66.4
Jones pops up every year as a defender who runs through the midfield so this is no real surprise. This season his numbers are a bit down. He’s only averaging 2 rebound 50s compared to his 3 inside 50s, while having recorded just 13 tackles for the season — a major shortcoming from the hard nut. He’s averaging almost 19 disposals a match from his 7 games played, but 13.6 are uncontested possessions.
Zak Jones

Hayden Crozier (WB – F) add B
Average: 51.8
Crozier has played just the 5 games for the season, but and collected just 62 disposals … 19 of them being turnovers. The upside for him is that he averages 2.6 marks a game, almost 3 tackles a game and likewise for one-percenters (though that is not a stat for fantasy coaches to be caring of). This addition of becoming B/F swingman is largely irrelevant with no goals to his name for the year.
Hayden Crozier

 Hunter Clark (SK – C) add B
Average: 51.2
Saints fans will be hoping for the next generation with this 6-gamer on track early in his career. While not all that fantasy relevant yet, he’s averaging 14.5 disposals, 2.6 tackles and 2.2 marks a game, and has 10 inside 50s and 10 rebound 50s for the season. He’s a link in the chain as well with 19 score involvements, but is yet to be the damaging player with just the 2 goal assists. It’s likely that Clark is being taught defensive skills early in his career in this position before slotting back into the midfield when his development has progressed.
Hunter Clark

Mark Blicavs (GE – C) add B
Average: 65.7
This guy has just about had every position in his career as a utility, perhaps this time cementing his role in the defensive half with 14.9 disposals averaged in all 9 games so far. Blicavs’ is averaging 4.9 intercept possessions and 3.8 tackles, 3 score involvements, 3.5 hitouts a game as a chop-out ruckman, but the most telling stat for coaches is 6 one-percenters each week. The downside to his fantasy average comes from scoring just the one behind for the year — missing the main points.
Mark Blicavs

 Reece Conca (RI – B) add C
Average: 72.8
Conca has filed a role in the backline for the Tigers for the whole year, surprising many who thought his career was just about done two months ago. His form has kept Brandon Ellis out of the team, and while this DPP change doesn’t help too many coaches out there by adding in a midfield position, it’s worthy to note that Conca is playing consistently for one of the few times in his year. Of his 18.7 disposals per match, he’s averaging 6 score involvements, 5 tackles and 3 inside 50s, 10 kicks and 8.7 handballs, in a fairly even spread of contested (8) possessions and uncontested (9.9) possessions. The downside — 3.7 turnovers a game and just the 2 goals for the year.
Reece Conca

Allen Christensen (BL – F) add C
Average: 74.8
The man affectionately known as ‘Bundy’ has had a decent start to the season, but nothing really to write home about in terms of a fantasy midfielder. Like Conca, consistency is the key for Christensen having played just 20 games in the past 3 seasons. A C/F slot is a great bonus at 19.4 disposals a game, with 3 tackles and 2 inside 50s a game to add to his tally of 6 goals for the year. Be wary in keepers leagues that at that rate, he may lose Forward status next season.

 Harry Morrison (HW – B) add C
Average: 73.6
Having made his debut with 21 possessions int eh last round of 2017, Morrison has cemented his spot in the young Hawks side this year playing every game since round 3. He’s moved towards a half-back/wing role this season and is averaging 16.6 disposals a game across the flank. He’s averaging 3.6 score involvements, 3 tackles, 2.6 inside 50s and interestingly of his 37 marks for the season, only 1 has been contested. Harry Morrison

 Daniel McStay (BL – B) add F
Average: 50.6
Despite his fantasy scores, McStay is starting to break out as a player, having been in the system for 4 years now. At 22-years-old, he still has a lot of improvement in him as a forward, and has kicked 6 goals so far this season. He’s averaging 3.9 marks, 3.6 score involvements and 2 tackles a game — largely boosted by the 8 he recorded against the Dogs in round 8. Still needs a big score and to get his hands on the footy more to become fantasy-relevant.
Daniel McStay

 Oscar McInerney (BL – R) add F
Average: 60.3
Another young Lion at 23-years-old but with just 4 games to his name, he debuted in round 6 and has stayed in the side since. He’s averaging 3.5 score involvements, 4 tackles and 2.3 marks a game but like McStay, he needs to get more touches if they’re to help out Eric Hipwood in attack for years to come. While it’s obvious that McInerney is playing forward, this position change could be a case of jumping the gun with McInerney still involved in the ruck in all of his games so far. He’s pulled in 42 hitouts (each game has seen him record between 9 and 12 hitouts), frustratingly dispelling the Ultimate Footy method of changing positions for young players without a lot of data (see Matt Guelfi and Zac Bailey) and wanting to see more game time in that position.
Oscar McInerney

 Tom Boyd (WB – R) add F
Average: 69.6
Boyd has regained the forward status that he has long-held until this season. The 200cm, 103kg ruck/forward is rightfully at his normal position, but you have to wonder another position change for him since coming back into the team in round 5. He’s scored just 4 goals for the year, and each round has seen him record more and more hitouts, with his past three weeks going from 11-to-17-to-23 hitouts along with just the single major to his name. With 11.8 disposals, 3.6 marks, 12.2 hitouts and 2.2 tackles per match, this is probably just useful for fantasy coaches with Boyd already waiting as a backup ruck.
Tom Boyd

So … what did you think? Did they get it right? Happy with the changes or disappointed? Let us know on the Footy Prophet Facebook or on Twitter!

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