Trade and FA

Vardy to fill Nic Nat’s boots

The Trade:

Geelong trades Nathan Vardy; Geelong receives pick 72

West Coast trades pick 72; West Coast receives Nathan Vardy

The Brief:

Nathan Vardy’s battle with injury and struggles to break into the Geelong senior side have prompted a move from the big man. Vardy looks poised to fill Nic Naitanui’s shoes at West Coast alongside Scott Lycett. With both big men able to contribute in the forward half, he’ll play alongside Josh Kennedy and Jack Darling. He’ll have to do something pretty special in 2017 to hold his position in the side once Naitanui returns the following year. A risky move for Vardy but an opportunity to good to refuse.

Club Trade Rating:

Geelong – the Cats have three ruck capable players who are in their starting side so it’s no surprise that Vardy was forced out. Draft picks are the order of the day for Geelong and they’ve done well in that regard.

Rating: -3. – Pick 72 is unders for the promising tall. Geelong have taken what they could get here but perhaps could have worked a pick swap to better advantage themselves.

West Coast – the Eagles cast their net far and wide to recruit support for Scott Lycett in the absence of Nic Naitanui. They’ve set themselves up with ruck depth and versatility of talks now.

Rating: +3. – West Coast now have just four draft picks going into the 2016 National Draft but they’ve paid unders for the injury-prone Vardy which is a win for the club. Bargain.

Fantasy Impact:

Geelong – Vardy’s absence doesn’t affect Geelong’s fantasy prospects greatly. The Cats still need a key forward to play alongside Tom Hawkins and with Vardy out of the picture that could mean Mitch Clark – should he remain at the club – is given another shot.

West Coast – Vardy will slot in alongside Scott Lycett nicely. Both are mobile ruckmen who can hold their own forward. Should Vardy remain fit, we expect he’ll be a target inside 50 for the Eagles and could have a decent fantasy output. Nic Nat’s absence in 2017 does the entire midfield group at West Coast no favours, they’ll have to work harder for their touches next year.

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