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Vickery first in free agency

The Offer:

Hawthorn has offered Tyrone Vickery a two-year-deal as a restricted free agent.
Richmond has elected not to match the offer to Vickery. They receive a middle of second-round compensation pick, pick 26 at the time.

The Brief:

The writing has been on the wall for a while now and as expected Vickery has taken less than a day to select Hawthorn as his club of choice. He’ll fill the ruck role that Jon Ceglar would have had he not ruptured his ACL, while also contributing in the forward line for Hawthorn. Richmond won’t be too unhappy here and are as expected haven’t matched the offer. They’ll get a decent compensation pick which will aid them in their rebuild.

Club Trade Rating:

Hawthorn – the Hawks should be very happy. They’ve gotten Vickery essentially for free and will expect him to fill that ‘David Hale’ role of a ruck/forward. They’ll be crossing their fingers that Richmond don’t match the offer as Hawthorn have bigger fish to fry in this trade period.

Rating: +2. Should the free agency offer go through, Hawthorn have brought in a quality role player without sacrifice.

Richmond – They’ve made their choice, the Tigers have let Vickery walk. They’ll expect a middle of second-round compensation pick in return, currently pick 26, which is probably about evens. 

Rating: +1. Pick 26 in return for the departing Vickery is a boon for the club. We valued Vickery between pick 30-35, so Richmond have done well here. 

Fantasy Impact:

Hawthorn – the kicking skills of the Hawthorn players will make a great difference to Vickery’s fantasy output. While inside 50, he’ll receive much better delivery. A fantasy average of 51 in 2016 will surely rise into the 70s at Hawthorn and if he can gain ruck status, he certainly becomes relevant.

Richmond – it’s hard to see Vickery’s exit impacting anyone at Richmond. Ben Griffiths and Shaun Hampson will be set to take their opportunities in the ruck and forward of the ball, so expect a more consistent season from the pair in 2017.

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